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Three hundred reincarnations Madame ButterflyWhat role has become the favorite for Albanese 70 years her singing career ? What ended its conflict with the CEO of the Metropolitan Opera ? When she received the National Medal of the United States ? And why the Italians called Albanese `lirico spinto`?

Felicia ` Lichiya` Albanese was born July 22, 1909 th, in Torre a Mare (Torre a Mare), not far from the city-Port of Bari, Italy (Bari, Italy). She first appeared on stage in 1934, to replace, in Milan (Milan), where he performed as Cio-Cio - San in the opera Madame Batterflyay` ` (` Madama Butterfly`). After that, the party responsible for the Albanese geisha Cio-Cio -san about 300 times over 40 years. She received high marks for many of its other roles ,including Mimi in ` Bogemy` (` La Boheme`), Violetta from Traviaty` ` (` Violetta`) and Liu from the opera ` Turandot` (` Turandot`), but the image of Cio-Cio - San was for her the most favorite.

As for the official debut of the Albanese, here there is some controversy. Either it was done in the same 1934 year ,the Municipal Theater (Teatro Municipale) in Bari, where she sang in ` Bogeme` or in 1935 in Milan, with the party in the opera ` Madame Batterflyay`.

At the end of 1935 Yiu first appeared on the stage of the theater La Scala (La Scala), which is converted into Lauretta from the opera Gianni Skikki` ` (` Gianni Schicchi`). Soon, her name became known throughout the world ,but especially welcome greeted her with roles in operas ` Friend Frits` (` L`amico Fritz`), ` Karmen` (` Carmen`) and ` Madame Batterflyay` in Italy (Italy), France (France) and England (England).

February 9, 1940 th Albanese made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera. It was her first of 72 appearances in the opera ` Madame Batterflyay` in the NewYork`s musical theater. The American public instantly fell in love with Licia. The singer remained with the troupe of the Metropolitan Opera 26 seasons, played 427 performances of 17 roles in 16 operas. However, in 1966, she left the theater because of a dispute with its director general, Sir Rudolf Bing (Rudolf Bing), without grandiose farewell speech. Albanese became a US citizen in 1945. A year later, the conductor Arturo Toscanini (Arturo Toscanini) invited her to take part in the two operas, ` ` and Bogema` Traviata`, NBC Symphony Orchestra. Both operas were broadcast a `Studio 8 -H`, and later went out in the full version on vinyl and CD.

Between 1941 and 196

1-m Yiu was a real stronghold of the San Francisco Opera, where she performed 22 roles in 120 performances in 20 seasons. She remained so long with this opera company in part because of his admiration for the director of San Francisco Opera, Gaetano Merola (Gaetano Merola).

Even after the official departure to retire after 70 years of a brilliant singing career ,Albanese from time to time continued to remind yourself. In 1985, Stephen Sondheim (Stephen Sondheim) and Thomas Z. Shepard (Thomas Z. Shepard) highlighted its role Diva operetta genre, Heidi Schiller, in the musical Sondheim Bezumstva` ` (` Follies`), played in a concert hall `Avery Fisher Hall`. For music then meet NewYork Philharmonic. During the spring season in 1987, the musical ` Bezumstva` involving Albanese was repeated with great success in the theater under the open sky in Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas).

Yiu Albanese died August 15, 2014 th, to 106 year life, at his home in Manhattan (Manhattan).

Albanese ,the owner of the voice and beauty bolshoyyarkosti Italians called `lirico spinto`, noting its rapid vibrato, sharp diction, powerful delivery and emotional impact on the listener. Despite the repetition of their roles, she never fell into a routine, did not seem boring and monotonous. In 1995-m Albanese received the US National Medal of Arts

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