Picture of Liars

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


Today Liars - is morethan the trio of crazy experimenters. This is a complete art project.

On account of their three albums, two of which are conceptual to impossible. The first, titled "They threw us into a ditch and hoisted on top of the monument ", it is an intricate link in the evolution (if ?) The post - punk in the dance-punk. Here and savory droning bass and catchy rhythms ,and non-standard composition and cheeky vocals, wit and odd escort, apparently, the guys in life.

The second album, " They were wrong, so we drowned ", was written in the woods of New Jersey. And the farther into the woods, the thicker the witches. The fact that the main source of inspiration for Angus AndrewHemfila Aaron and Julian Gross was the German folklore. Namely, all these tales of Walpurgis Night - a time when witches gather around Satan on the mountain Brocken. Here begins the madness really. Gloomy synthesizers stacked on broken constantly interrupted and drum rhythms. For monotone ,apathetic screams "BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD" followed by drums, tom-toms resembling primitive African tribes. Noyzovye insert frightening crescendo and disco rhythms - only a small part of what has gone in forty -odd minutes of the second plate.

Later, " liar " moved to Berlin and recorded a third album out there. In February this year, he came out - " Drum `s not dead " is called. Here even cry, even laugh. The idea is as follows. Like Yin and Yang, there are two fictional character, strength, energy clusters : Drum and Mount Heart Attack (Myocardial Drum and Hill respectively). Drum - a creative side. It can become a member of the fourth group.Myocardial Hill - Drum is opposed to, the embodiment of stress and self-doubt. Each participant " liar " took twelve art video as a complement to the twelve songs. A total of thirty-six pieces - are included on a separate disc with DVD- disc. Atmospheric humming lullabies howl, different sound effects, bassdrum and toms with echoes - if it is a brief description of the music component "Drum`s Not Dead".

Music critics, as well as students among themselves, divided. The third plate causes of both the scream of ecstasy, marveling at the fact what kind of unreal cool was a new record ,the mutter and zanudstvovat unable to hide his incomprehension and conservatism. In short, the drum is still alive !

Albums :

They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (2001, Gern Blandsten)

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004, Mute Records)

Drum`s Not Dead (2006, Mute Records)

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