Lia Putti

Picture of Lia Putti

Date of Birth: 01/10/1897

Age: 34

Citizenship: Hungary


Leah was born January 10, 1897 in Voychitse, Hungary. She was the fourth child in a family of Lancers officer of Italian descent Baron Pal Putti and Countess Lily Holos. Leah grew up in the city of Cluj Napoca in Romania, where she attended a convent school. In 1913, at the age of fifteen years, Leah married a local district head of Zoltan Shepessi, and a year later became the mother - in 1914 gave birth to first daughter Lucy, and two years later a second, Judith. In 1918, she left her husband and moved to Budapest. To save the family`s reputation, Zoltan announced her death and staged a funeral. Later, the couple officially divorced. A few weeks after the death of Leah in 1931. Zoltan committed suicide.

In BudapeshteLia initially worked as a nurse. At the same time she attended the school of acting and soon made her debut at the theater revue Royal Orpheum. She then played in theaters Budapesti Sz & # 237; nh & # 225; z and Magyar Sz & # 237; nh & # 225; z, but not gained much success with the public. In 1918, thanks to the patronage of the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar actress has signed its first contract in the same year she made her debut in a cameo role in the film "Soldiers of the king." Then she was offered the role statistok, and, realizing that success in Budapest, she did not get, Leah went to Bucharest, where in 1920, starred in the title role in the film "On the waves of happiness." In the same year, received an invitation from Berlin, she appeared in the film Karl Otto Krause "gypsy blood".

Then a few minor roles followed - in the adventure film "Tomb Indian" (1921) Fritz Lang on the script, the drama "Othello" (1922) and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau`s film "Burning acre" (1922). In 1924, Leah reached the pinnacle of his career - ahead in the popularity of Lil Dagover and Asta Nielsen, it has become a recognized favorite of the public.

Encouraged by the success, Lia went to Hollywood, where she was known for its participation in the drama Ewald Andre Dupont`s "Variety" (1925). In 1926, with Leah contracted film studio Paramount Pictures, however, "The sadness of Satan" (1926) - the first picture of the actress, taken overseas - failed miserably at the box office.

In 1927, Lia returned to Berlin. There it was an accident - during the filming of Adolf E. Famously she stumbled and fell out of the window. The press interpreted the incident as a suicide attempt, and, upset by these speculations, Leah went out of Germany. Returning to Hollywood actress in 1929, he starred in his latest film, the drama "The Informant." After that, her career went into decline.

In 1931 Lya De Putti choked on a chicken bone, which had to be surgically extract. Infection of the blood, which began after the operation was complicated by pneumonia, and therefore has become fatal for Leah. November 27, 1931 spectators forgotten actress died in New York at the age of thirty-four years.