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Music as art and insight` Listening to music Ayses completely lose sense of time, and incredibly difficult to know whether you are in the world of the brightest memories are, or wade through a whole new okruzhenie` - so describe music performer producers label ` Jagjaguwar Records`, which Ayses works today. Really,melodic voice carries the listener away, pulling it from the usual situation and the consciousness - physical frame for the duration of fades into the background, giving the soul a chance to enjoy the wonderful music that unusually strong echoes in the heart of any listener. Songs performed Ayses - this music in its original form ,which is also the art of medicine and insight.

Ayses Lia (Lia Ices) - American singer and songwriter, best known received after her song `Love is Won` sounded at the end of the penultimate episode of the series ` Devchonki` (`Girls`). Real name of the performer - Lia Kessel (Lia Kessel).Leah Ayses was born in Westport, Connecticut (Westport, Connecticut), in a creative family, which, according to the girl, and was the main driving force on the path to glory. Her mother worked as a photographer and manufactures binders for books, his father, a music lover, all the love for music tried to transfer her daughter ,encouraging songwriting and playing musical instruments. So, already 5 years old girl playing the piano professionally and studied theater at the school Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Together with his brother, kotoryyvposledstvii began to help her in writing music, Leah lived for some time in London (London), where she studied theater,in particular the creativity of Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) at the world famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

With years of theatrical training under his belt, Leah began to think about a career in music - and parents welcomed this initiative. The first years she performed under his real name -Lia Kessel (Kessel Lia) - however, receiving recognition and izvestnost middle of independent groups and produserov, found the girl does not climb above. V 2005 - m year she began vystupat? in New York (New York) simultaneously vypuskaa mini - albums on independent studios - but not one of such releases and not standing commercially uspesnym. Along with the solo career Leah played in two groups - `The Marina` and ` Wild Cries`, - which, however, have not received special popularity in the diverse and rich in talents of indie - rock scene in New York.

Despite the setbacks, she still continued to make music and work on his style, which became an original way with every song. Now, having been recognized in the music industry, Ayses laughingly recalls spoke about her work professional producers, claiming today mysterious acoustic folk ballads may not like the audience, accustomed to the rhythmic and loud music, and if there are fans - it will not bring profits.

But,as often happens, they were wrong. In 2012, the song `Love is Won` sounded in the final of the penultimate episode of the series ` Devchonki` - and then that a young American woman noticed. I was surprised the producers discovered that the singer back in the year 2008 released the album `Necima`, which has remained almost unnoticed ,except for independent reviews in magazines.

And shortly before the appearance of the composition in the series, in 2011, the year presented a plate Leah `Grown Unknown`, which finally fixed the original style of the singer. The album was released on the label `Jagjaguwar Records`.

Today is the last work Ayses single `Wish You Were Here`,which was released on vinyl. On the first side of it was a cover version of the legendary song `Wish You Were Here` group ` Pink Floyd`, and the second - `Late Night` Syd Barrett (Syd Barrett).

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