Lew Brown

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Date of Birth: 10/12/1893

Age: 64

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: United States


Brown was born December 10, 1893 in Odessa and moved with his parents to the United States at the age of five. As a teenager, he began to write parodies of famous songs, as well as their own texts. His first song called I`m the Lonesomest Gal in Town, Brown wrote in 1912, in collaboration with an experienced composer Albert Von Tilzerom. In the next few years, there were a few more songs, some of which became hits, such as: Kentucky Sue (1912), If You Were the Only Girl (1916) and Dapper Dan (1921) continued to cooperate with .Braun Tilzerom, as well as other composers, and in 1922 teamed up with composer and pianist Ray Henderson. Three years later, the duo joined lyricist Buddy De Sylva, and the newly formed trio loudly declared itself by writing music for his second Broadway play, bore the name "George White Scandals." In 1927, a group of authors also worked on songs for plays "good news" and "Mary of Manhattan." The following year, the trio has been busy working on the presentation of "Keep all" in the late 20`s - on new productions of "George White Scandals", and in 1930 there was a new show called "High Flight."

Outside the theater stage team noted several popular songs that became hits, and also participated in the creation of early films featuring Al Jolson (including "Sunny-boy" and "All Depends on You") and popular movie 1929 "sunny side up" to record that the authors had to go to Hollywood. After leaving De Silva in 1931, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson continued to work on the music for the Broadway productions, and Brown began to cooperate with other composers, and tried his hand as a director.

In 1956 came a feature film "All the best things in life - free of charge", which is based on the history of Henderson De Silva-Brown was laid. In the plot, the trio soon after its formation prodveyskih recorded several hits, but then personal ambitions De Silva begin to interfere with the general case, when the two other members suddenly began to feel "left out".

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