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Year of birth : 1873

Age: 142 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, CA ,, US

Citizenship : United States

The legendary denim brand

The word `Levi`s` inherently is almost synonymous with the word ` dzhinsy`. Production of jeans company has more than 100 years - and the popularity of their products during this time is not lost at all. It started it all in 1873, when one tailor came up with an interesting idea.

`Levi`s` - fashion brand specializing in the production of clothing in the style of ` casual`, dress in street style and riveted jeans. The main brand of the company `Levi Strauss & Co.` was founded in 1873 in San Francisco. The history of the brand `Levi`s` began with a Latvian Jew Jacob Davis (Jacob Davis), who worked in Reno, Nevada (Reno, Nevada). Among other things, Davis actively bought from the wholesale trading house `Levi Strauss & Co.` rolls of denim fabrics (denim) . Davis remarked ,that one of his clients often buys denim in order to repair the torn trousers ; that`s when he came up with the idea of trousers, which potentially ` razryvoopasnye` places will be reinforced with copper rivets. On the implementation of the idea and the acquisition of patent assets from Davis was not, so he decided to bring to the project livaja Strauss (Levi Strauss).May 20, 1873 a patent was obtained ; Davis soon conceived jeans began to be produced in large quantities. In jeans advertising campaign claimed that their fans were the first miners the gold rush ; in fact, the peak of the gold rush came in the 1849 th, and jeans have started to produce only in the 70s. The first pair of jeans legendary `Levi`s 501` company released in the 90s ; new style instantly became incredibly popular, not only in his homeland of jeans, but also abroad.

In the 20`s the company started producing more modern jeans samples. We bought them while mainly different kinds of workers - cowboyslumberjacks and railroad employees. In the 30`s jeans began to be popular in the east. An additional plus to the popularity of jeans `Levi`s` received during the Second World War - in those days like a normal piece of clothing has become a luxury item and was available only to those who worked in the defense industry.

Another popular legend claimsthat the design of jeans `Levi`s` in the history of their release has not changed. In fact this is not true ; so, during the Second World War at the request of the Council with the production of jeans rivets were removed in the groin and waist at the waist - for reasons of economic sense ; after the war to their place and they have not returned. The rivets on the back pockets denim initially tried to cover, but later they decided to simply remove - too much of these rivets spoil the furniture.

Since its first creation - the legendary blue jeans - the company sought to maximize originality and non-standard ,holding a consistently high level of quality and ensure the overall integrity of the stylistic concept. Focusing on young people hungry to express themselves, `Levi`s` actively thought through and promote new style solutions, from classic jeans series` 501` to the trendy `Engineered Jean`. Although these active and regular experiments koethat in jeans `Levi`s` c 1873 remained unchanged. According to many, this particular brand is a major producer klassicheskih` ` ` originalnyh` jeans ; brand `Levi`s` recognize and support worldwide. Of all the modern fashion clothing brands `Levi`s` in many respects is one of the most successful and advanced ;being recognized around the world. In the markets and shops can be found a lot of imitations of `Levi`s` - that in many ways is also a recognition of the high quality products of this brand.

Not lost their relevance jeans `Levi`s` and now, through the 140 -odd years after the first appearance. They are still actively snapping up the representatives of various social and age groups. Once upon a time, in many ways laid the foundations of jeans as a category of clothes, are now `Levi`s` continue to invent ever new variations on the classic dresses.

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