Lev Vlodzimirskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


Polak, son podesaula. In January. 1919 joined the Red Army, cyclist, driver, boatswain. Since July 1925 the Secretary of Kislovodsk executive committee in 1927-28 Commissioner of Criminal Investigation on the Terek. In May 1928 he transferred to the bodies of the OGPU: a long time worked in the secret-political department of the North Caucasus. Vleck. 1931 joined the CPSU (b). He began work in the Directorate of the NKVD of the USSR State Security 5.8.1937 (GUGB) when NI Yezhov, but because he when it did not hold leadership positions (he was Deputy. early. Branch of the 4th Division), it was not among the "lyudeyEzhova" purged of the NKVD in 1939. Rapidly made a career at LP Beria: 22/12/1938 - 09/04/1939 pom. beg. Investigation of the NKVD of the USSR, 09/04/1939 - 03/04/1940 Deputy early, 03/04/1940 -. 22.07.1940 beginning. Investigation of the Main Economic NKVD control. On 03.04.1940 the 1st deputy. beg. 3rd (counterintelligence) Department GUGB. After 02.03.1941 the NKVD was divided into the NKVD and NKGB, Vlodzimirsky headed Sledchast USSR NKGB (People`s Commissariat on management rights). In its conduct of the investigation it was entrusted with the operation for particularly important cases. When the NKVD and NKGB 07/20/1941 again united, Vlodzimirsky began early. Sledchasti for particularly important cases. One of the most notorious NKVD, widely used methods of physical influence. Almost all the cases against the party, military and economic leadership went through Vlodzimirsky 12/05/1943 Sledchast headed for particularly important cases of the NKGB (MGB) of the USSR

In August - early Nov 1946. Office of the MGB Gorky region. In 1947, on health conditions transferred to the reserve. In July 1947 - March 1953 (with a break in May-July 1948) Head of training and auditing department of the Main Directorate of the Soviet property abroad at the Council of Ministers of the USSR. After the death of Stalin and Beria`s association under the leadership of all the organs of internal affairs 18/03/1953 Vlodzimirsky appointed early. Investigation parts for particularly important cases of MIA USSR. After Beria`s arrest 07/03/1953 Vlodzimirsky removed from his post. July 17 fired from the Interior Ministry, and on the same day arrested. Together with Beria "walked" on a single process. Found guilty of fraud and illegal conduct of the investigation 23/12/1953 sentenced to death. Shot.