Lev Vasiliev

Picture of Lev Vasiliev

Date of Birth: 07/02/1925

Age: 91

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Director General of OAO "KAMAZ" from 1969 to 1981. He headed the plant since the beginning of the construction of facilities and the auto giant under construction next to him AVTOGRADA - up to commissioning of the second stage of "KAMAZ" .Lev Borisovich Vasilyev was born in Moscow on February 7, 1925. Russkiy.Chlen Communist Party since 1951. Candidate members of the CPSU Central Committee in 1986-1990. The delegate of the XXIII (1966), XXV-XXVII (1976, 1981) Congresses KPSS.Deputat Supreme Soviet of the USSR 10-11 convocations (1979-1989). The deputy of the Moscow Soviet in 1967-1970, Supreme Council of Tatarstan in 1971-1980 godah.V 1971-1981 he was elected a member of the Party Committee "KamAZ", a member of the Bureau of Party Committee of Naberezhnye Chelny, as well as Tatar Regional KPSS.Nahoditsya retired, lives in Moskve.V 1959 he graduated from the evening department of the Moscow Institute of Automotive specialty "Mechanical engineer" .Trudovuyu career began in 1941 as a loader and then the driver carpool Commissariat river fleet of the USSR in Moscow and Ulyanovsk. Since 1943, served as a private in the 96th Guards Rifle Division, was seriously wounded. He was treated at a hospital in the town of Engels. After the hospital, getting reservations, he worked as a driver carpool River Fleet of the USSR People`s Commissariat of Ulyanovsk. Since 1945 - State Supply carpool driver SSSR.Krasavets-Man (1978) - 1 1/7 Since 1949, started working at the Moscow plant of small cars ( "Moskvich"). I passed stage of engineering inspector to the factory director (since 1963). In the years 1968-1983 - Deputy Minister of the automotive industry of the USSR. At the same time in 1969-1981 years - Director General of the Kama association for the production of heavy-duty vehicles ( "KAMAZ") in 1981-1983 -. Director General of the production association "Moskvich" and automobile plant them. Lenin Komsomol. Since 1983 - deputy chairman of Gosplan. Since 1984 - Minister of Mechanical Engineering for Light and Food Industry of the USSR, and household appliances. Since 1988 - Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR State Committee for Military-Industrial voprosam.S June 1990 is a personal pensioner union values.