Lev Karpachevsky

Picture of Lev Karpachevsky

Date of Birth: 12/27/1931

Age: 80

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the department of soil biology and soil faculty of the Moscow State University in 1954, and in 1958 completed his postgraduate studies in the Altai Agricultural Institute, defended his PhD thesis at the Institute of Soil. Dokuchaev on the theme "Water-physical properties and elements of the water regime of the soils of the Altai Territory" (1960). In 1958-1969 he worked in the laboratory of Forestry of Soil Science, Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Forest SSSR.V 1963sovmestno with NV Dylisom and AI Utkin Karpachevsky organizes Malinskiy hospital on the border of Podolsk and Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region, where comprehensive studies of forest ecosystems unfold. Since 1969 Leo Oskarovich works at the department of physics and soil reclamation, in 1972 he defended his doctoral dissertation on "The diversity of soil forest ecosystems." The main direction of scientific work - forest soil science, the genesis of forest soils, their physical properties. It conducts environmental research in Moscow and Moscow oblasti.Podgotovil more than 50 candidates. State Prize laureate (2003), Prize. VR Williams (1982), Award of society "Knowledge" for the Popularization of Science (1983) The authors of more than 250 articles and 15 books. From scientific publications it should be noted, "The dynamics of soil properties" (1997), "The matrix organization of soils" (2001, co-author.) He writes poems, was published several collections. In the book "Soil Apocrypha" Karpachevsky poluanekdoticheskie collected stories that have occurred since the last known soil scientists. In 2007 he released his autobiography "Memoirs soil scientist." Head of the department EV Shein described it as "scientist".