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Date of Birth: 10/11/1953

Age: 63

Citizenship: Russia

The talent - it`s too loud

- In life you have mastered more than one profession: dentist, philologist, worked as a driver, played in the theater. It`s all to learn human psychology?

- I was curious to know the surroundings. And the reasons for that were completely different - the essential and ambitious. I never went to far and a specific purpose. I wanted to become a doctor, because, firstly, medicine has always been interesting to me. And secondly, for the reason that the theater educators say about the mental and physical processes are not always imagining how these processes occur - the medicine could help figure it out. So I went to study in medical school. Then I found a place in the theater and thought, than to drink vodka, it is better to engage in business. But I really dreamed of directing. Although I did not imagine that it is. It seemed to me, it`s much easier.

- So you have two performances in five years?

- They are still three. The production of "The Lower Depths" took away a lot of time and effort. We have been working on it for three years. So a lot or a little - five years in the three performances, controversial issue. If the work is very good, it is not enough if they are bad, then it is infinitely much. There is no hard performances physiological ripening. Like human or elephant pregnancy - nine months or two years. To something born alive, it must be sufferings. It must lie in the womb.

- How do you understand that it`s time for a new project?

- For a new job I take not of the fact that the planned happily finish one and start another. It would be too simplistic. I`m starting to get sick project. He begins to torment me. I`m starting to argue with the work and the author, with the material. I swear it, agree to alter. Author bends me to the ground - I was gut-wrenching.

- Your first performance of "In Madrid, Madrid" - a combination of black humor, satire, derision of some. What is it really?

- This is a difficult child. It seems to me that when the show only came out, it was better. Because the farcical story of the game while very young actors. Callow students. It was their degree work. In this connection it is cut by a special counterpoint when young-eyed people played grotesque story, old and grandparents. We do it smartly, brazenly, in the young. It gave a special charm to the play, which eventually began to walk away, he was replaced by professionalism, but it was not replaced. Fold the "Madrid" for me and that I could not keep it in the unity of the genre. I dragged him to the tragic farce, and it seemed to me that I have this work. And in the process it became clear that before the tragic story does not rise. But the most important point is that all this play on the edge between a tasty and tasteless. And do not pass this trait is not always possible. Sometimes I realize that we are on the threshold of obscenity and indecency.

- Do you think that professionalism is not able to replace the burning eyes?

- Of course not. But the actor has to be professional.

- Your actors are talented?

- I do not know. Because talent is very small. Talent - it`s too loud, it Borisov, Leonov, Evstigneev. Most of my people are gifted artists, and they have pravozanimatsya this profession.

- And you consider yourself talented?

- I really hope, although often it seems to me that this is not so. I try to be critical of yourself and the troupe. In the end, I`ll have to do a conclusion about what happens with the theater and with me. I - the ultimate truth, fortunately and unfortunately. Therefore, there is easy to start too expensive to evaluate themselves.

- NeBDT - not just a theater, it has its own school, what is its distinctive feature?

- Everything here is quite traditional. Sometimes I even think I akademichen more than many others. In our theater, I hope, has its own face, his own manner. That`s a lot. Because there are performances very similar to each other ...

- This academic allowed you so to christen a theater?

- Call the theater, like any other business, it is very difficult. I`ve been thinking about it and was in extreme difficulty, and my students have offered me this sassy name. And, on reflection, I agreed. After all, in it except the charge of hooliganism healthy is nothing special, but I did not see an alternative.

Author: Maria Selezneva

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