Lev Borisov

Picture of Lev Borisov

Date of Birth: 08/12/1933

Age: 77

Place of birth: Ples

Citizenship: Russia


In the shadow of his brother

His brother Lev Borisov - Oleg Borisov - in 1951 graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School and became an actor of the Kiev Russian Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka.

Lev Ivanovich followed suit and in 1956 graduated from the Theater School. BV Shchukin (V.Lvovoy course).

In 1981-1987 years - Lev Borisov - an actor of the Moscow Drama Theater. Stanislavsky, in 1988 - the Moscow Drama Theater. Yermolova.

The film is removed from the fifties. He made his debut in the role of a tenth of youth story "Abitur" (1954).

His trite to call "very well known", "popularly beloved". Few people know the real age of Lev Ivanovich - he looks much younger. He starred in many cult films, "The Ballad of a Soldier", "The Fate of Man", "You will Nikanorova citizen", "Again Aniskin", "You are someone, stariche?", "Shirley Myrli".

However, in one film brothers Oleg and Leo took off only once - in 1987 - in the film "Gardener".


Despite the fact that removed Lev Borisov nearly 50 years, in contrast to his famous brother`s fame came to him only recently, and the role of the criminal authority of antibiotics in the television series "Gangster Petersburg", created by "Keane" and completely opened the actor "second wind".

L.BORISOV:.. "There is a role from the time savings, and there are those who need to prepare accurate, drums, but they require time, sometimes - the whole of life and if the viewer does not just believe, and heart feels truthful image of antibiotics means I played it wrong. deviates from the script, of course, it can not be. but it is impossible and literally follow it. of course, I did not seek the advice of a real criminal authorities, but used a maximum of fantasy. After all, when you play this sinister character, surrounded by selected director Bortko facial features with criminal appearance, it is necessary to play gently, to build everything in contrast. Antibiotic wears a mask, rarely opens the soul, and how he really thinks about a particular event or person, remains a mystery. it is this intrigue enters the series in each house makes wait for the next series. "

In 2002, a new film with the participation of Lev Borisov - eccentric comedy "Conference maniacs" Oleg Fomin. There he played a phase-shifted elderly maniac on the natural family.