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Date of Birth: 07/03/1914

Age: 77

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

`Silk chulki` Lewin McGrath

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Lewin McGrath (Leueen MacGrath) was born in 1914 in London, England (London, England). His acting career began in 1936 with a small role in the British film `Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife` - biopic about Mozart (Mozart) and his wife, Constance (Constanze). This was followed by a role in the Oscar-winning film `Pigmalion` (Pygmalion) in 1938, as well as in a series of categories`in` films -` All Hands`, `Meet Maxwell Archer`,` The Saint`s Vacation` and several others.

Since the late 40s, and Lewin was known on Broadway (Broadway), her debut in 1948 in the production of `Edward, My Son`. By the way, this role she later repeated in the film adaptation of the play.

In 1951, Lewin was able to work as a screenwriter, together with her husband, George Kaufman (George S. Kaufman) and Heywood Hale Brown (Heywood Hale Broun) - the result of joint work was the Broadway production `The Small Hours`, which, however, only a sustained 20 shows. The next work on the script became `Fancy Meeting You Again`, where she worked and actress; this production on stage lasted only 8 hits.

Once again as a writer Lewin vystupilav 1955, working on the script of the film `chulki` Silk (Silk Stockings), released in rent in 1957; Incidentally, at the time the text for the film, she also worked with her husband. This film adaptation of the same name was also preceded by the Broadway production.

Married Kaufman Lewin remained from 1949 until 1957-th, the couple divorced. Second husband Lewin became the director Desmond Davis (Desmond Davis), this marriage also ended in divorce.

McGrath worked on Broadway until 1960, appeared as an actress in such productions as `The Love of Four Colonels` in 1953,` Tiger at the Gates` in 1956, `The Potting Shed` in 1957. The final Broadway performance Lewin began in 1960. `Farewell, Farewell Eugene`.

Activity in the film and television actress and lasted until the end of the 50s. Her last work in the cinema has become a TV movie `Back to Back` in 1959, after the actress appeared in several TV shows -` The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen` , `Play of the Week` and later - in 1974 - in of The Gift of `Friendshi p`.

It is known that after the divorce Lewin McGrath returned to England. She lived to be 77 years old and died of a stroke March 27, 1992, in London.

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