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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of birth : Gainesville, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Less Than Jake` - American ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida (Gainesville, Florida). Originally conceived as a power metal - popstaff ; later retrained to ska-punk.

It is believed that `Less Than Jake` had a significant influence on the development of a number of modern genres like post- grunge, heavy metal, alternative rock, the third wave ska and pop - punk. At this point in the kitty team including 8 full-length studio albums and a number of singles and a compilation discs; his last album - `GNV FLA` - the band released on its own label ,` Sleep It Off Records`. Now the band consists of guitarist and vocalist Chris Demeyksa (Chris Demakes),bassist / vocalist Roger Manganelli (Roger Manganelli), drummer Vinnie Fiorello and poet (Vinnie Fiorello), trumpeter Budd Schaub (Buddy Schaub) and saxophonist Peter Wasilewski (Peter `JR` Wasilewski).

Chris Demeyks Vinnie Fiorello and bassist Shaun Grief (Shaun Grief) have worked together to base `Less Than Jake`,still in high school - they learn in the same school in Port Charlotte, Florida (Port Charlotte, Florida). Broke up their school group after Demeyks went to study in Gainesville, University of Florida (University of Florida). 13th July 1992 th was born groups

`Less Than Jake`. Sean Griffin at that time went to NewNew York (New York) and of the composition of the group went out (though in the future it will still speak with old friends as a session musician) ; Demeyks and arrived in Gainesville Fiorello decided to group them vital bassist and scathing name - seemed to them a much more urgent with the second problem.Name team presented Fiorello dog, Jake ; a popular joke in their family circle was a statement that Jake treated better than living here lyudmi.raza `Less Than Jake` -` less than Dzheyk` - and became the name of the group. Search bassist took a little more time ;consistent listening helped to solve this problem - to Demeyksu and Fiorello joined Roger Mangannelli. Later `Less Than Jake` got more and brass - Jessica Mills (Jessica Mills) had place the player on the bottle - and recorded his first album ,` Smoke Spot`. By increasing its wind section in half by trumpeter Buddy Schaub, The band began work on their first album, `Better Class of Losers`. In the end, I managed to release the disc under the wing of `Dill Records`; This happened in June of 1995. Schaub has gone on for some time with friends in a long-planned trip to Europe ; to replace him took saxophonist Derron Nahfera (Derron Nuhfer).He is so good szhilsya with other artists, that in August 1995 he was accepted into the team already on a permanent basis.

The first major drive `Less Than Jake` released in August of 1995 ; the disc `Pezcore` has 21 songs - including two covers on the themes of the popular television series.Shortly after eogo musicians signed to `Capital Records`; c this moment and began their ascent to the heights of glory. The band continued to change - so, in 1997, Jessica Mills leaned in pedagogy, and in its place came a trumpeter Pete Anna (Pete Anna).

`Less Than Jake` still relatively actively written to this day. His last disc - `TV / EP` - they released the 12th of October of 2010. In the best traditions of the group, it contains a variety of cover versions of popular songs from various television projects - like TV series and cartoons

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