Leslie Lincoln Henson

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Date of Birth: 08/03/1891

Age: 66

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Leslie Henson: Mobile mimicry and squeaky voice

Author: Elena Murzina

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Leslie Henson was born on August 3, 1891 in London, England (London, England), and he studied at the old school Emanuel School, founded back in 1594 by Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth I) and the well-known philanthropist Anna Fiennes, Lady Dacre (Anne Fiennes, Lady Dacre).

Professional career Henson at the provincial theater stage began when he was 19 years old. Soon he appeared in London in the pantomime `Sindbad` (Sinbad) in Dalston Theatre (Dalston Theatre). After several live performances in 1912, he toured as Dzheremai (Jeremiah) in the play `Quaker devushka` (The Quaker Girl).

His first role in the West End (West End) he received in the same year in the production of `Nicely, Thanks!` At the Theatre Royal Strand (Royal Strand Theatre).

Actor Stanley Holloway (Stanley Holloway) Henson has devoted a chapter in his autobiography, published in 1967, in which he wrote that it was Henson discovered his talent and helped him to make a career, to start giving him a role in `Nicely, Thanks!`.

Henson has not just played comic roles in the most successful West endskih musical comedies Edwardian, including `To-Night`s the Night` (1914),` Theodore & Co` (1916) and `Yes, Uncle!` (1917) .

He also starred in several films, starting with 1916, and, eventually, ended his career in the television series roles.

During the First World War Henson he joined the Royal Air Force, but was removed from active service and became the leader of the concert group of the 5th Army, nicknamed `The Gaieties`, who put on a show for the soldiers in 1918.

Then he returned to the West endskim musicals and comedies, including, `Kissing Time` (1919),` Sally` (1921), `Tons of Money` (1922), a number of popular farces, which was so famous Aldwych Theatre (Aldwych Theatre ) and a series of comedies in the theater Winter Garden (Winter Garden Theatre).

In 1926, Hanson toured throughout England with the play `Li` Betty (Betty Lee); aw next year appeared in the musical `Udacha` Lady (Lady Luck` in London`s Carlton (Carlton Theatre).

In 1930, Henson and his business partner Shepard Firth (Firth Shephard) jointly rented a theater Novello (Novello Theatre) and presented to the public a series of farces, leading roles in which he played a young John Henson and Mills (John Mills).

In the early 1930s, Henson also returned for a while on set and filmed in the movie audio. When the Second World War, he returned to the United Kingdom (UK) from a tour of South Africa (South Africa), and together with Beyzilom Dean (Basil Dean) founded the organization `Entertainments National Service Association` to entertain the British troops in the Far East (Far East ). Henson himself to continue working as an actor throughout the war (in the play `Fine and Dandy` in 1942 was present even the royal family) and after it, almost to the end of his life.

Henson was married three times, to Madge Saunders (Madge Saunders), Gunn Gladys (Gladys Gunn) Dell and Billy (Billie Dell). His sons from his third marriage - Nicky (Nicky Henson), who became an actor, and Joseph (Joseph Henson), who chose the life of a farmer.

Leslie Henson died on December 2, 1957, at his home in Harrow Weald, Middlesex (Harrow Weald, Middlesex), aged 66 years.

July 23, 1956, speaking in Dublin (Dublin), Henson learned that in Eastbourne (Eastbourne) death of his close friend Gertrude Hallett (Gertrude Hullett). Four months before her husband died, and Henson doubted that their deaths were natural, because the doctor was a man of both John Bodkin Adams (John Bodkin Adams), of which there were many unpleasant rumors. Henson anonymously called the police Eastbourne and shared their fears, which led to the investigation, and then to the court on a murder charge. Dr. Adams was found not guilty by a jury, but is still suspected that slew about 160 of their patients.

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