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Date of Birth: 12/29/1972

Age: 43

Place of birth: Santiago

Citizenship: Chile


Author: Tatyana Barinov

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Leonor Varela Palma, a Chilean actress and model, born December 29, 1972. Leonor played the role of Cleopatra in the eponymous 1999 film successful. She is also a representative of the company `Save Whales Again`, which is fighting to save the whales.

Varela was born in Santiago, Chile, in the family of Leonor and the masseuse famous Chilean biologist and neuro-scientist Francisco Varela Garcia. At Leonor is the sister Alejandra and two brothers - Javier and Gabriel. Among the ancestors father Varela - Spaniards, Greeks and Syrians. As for the mother, Leonor Palma, its roots lie in the French, Italian and Argentinian. When in Chile came to power by representatives of the military regime, Varela family went to Costa Rica. Then Leonor was still a baby. However, the later years of her childhood passed in crossings: Germany, US, France. In the early 1990s, parents Varela returned to his home in Chile. The very same Leonor remained in Paris, where by the time she was studying acting at Neils Arestrup schools, The Ecole de Passage and the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris.

His first job Varela received in 1995. It was the role of Annette in the children`s film `poni` Travel (Pony Trek). Filming held in Iceland to work in this movie had to Leonor protyazheniitr

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