Leonid Zankov

Picture of Leonid Zankov

Date of Birth: 04/23/1901

Age: 76

Place of birth: Warsaw

Citizenship: Russia


Zankov Leonid Vladimirovich (1901 - 27/11/1977) - the national psychology. In 1918-1923 gg. He worked as a teacher, educator, head of children`s agricultural colony. He studied at the LS Vygotsky. In 1940 zaschitildoktorskuyu thesis on the psychology of play. Director of the Institute of Defectology APN RSFSR, the deputy director of the Institute for the Theory and History of Pedagogy of the RSFSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, head of the laboratory training irazvitiya. Professor, Full Member of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Specialist in the field of defectology. He conducted experimental studies of abnormal development of children, which revealed their conditions of effective learning. I consider the problem of the factors of learning and development of students, in particular the interaction of speech and presentation in training.


schoolboy memory. 1944;

Memory. 1949;

Education and development. 1975.