Leonid Volodarskiy

Picture of Leonid Volodarskiy

Date of Birth: 05/20/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages ??named after Moris Torez, where his father taught. Speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian. He worked in the Africa Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and then in the Institute of International Labor Movement, Academy of Sciences SSSR.Avtor translations of English and American literature. One of the first translated into Russian language works of Stephen King (in the journal "Young technician" number 10 for the year 1981 was published the story of King`s "Battle" translated Volodarsky). "I am not interested in my voice at all. There was a time, I translated the movie, and now I am first and foremost recognize the voice, always ask about the clothespin on her nose. I do not like this. I`m not an opera singer and a voice has nothing to do with my personality. It is said that he became a part of history? Well and good. And I live today ".Shirokuyu gained fame in the eighties, when the voice of a lot of foreign films - in his youth broke his nose, because of what has the characteristic features of the voices, in this connection about Leonid Volodarsky was felt as" the translator with a clothespin on his nose " (in this regard, also I went the legend that the voice distorted specifically, in order to avoid reprisals by the KGB) .Leonid Volodarsky to transfer Leonid Parfyonov Author political detective "Snow in Central America," and a number of other proizvedeniy.Leonid Volodarsky began to translate a movie in 1968 . He worked at film festivals. In the late 1970s, with the advent of cassettes on the market of your movies to the service address Volodarsky video pirates. Over 30 years of continuous practices Volodarsky was translated more than 5 thousand kartin.Osobennost work Volodarsky that movie he translated simultaneously and the first time. This is evident in a highly generic lexicon: many words for the translation requiring the translator training and knowledge of subject, transferred or most common of all possible meanings, or the absence thereof, in the sense invented hodu.Po to the director Yuri Grymov translations Volodarsky - this is a big disaster, because "due to nasal intonations of" killed "the emotions of actors." Film critic of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Valery Kichin adheres to similar opinion: odnogolosyj translation of the television series "Six Feet Under", the video game