Leonid Obolensky

Picture of Leonid Obolensky

Date of Birth: 01/21/1902

Age: 89

Place of birth: Arzamas

Citizenship: Russia


The movie was filmed in the 20-30-ies and early 70-ies. Create gallery noble elders, bringing the cinema high culture, a modest aristocratic, delicate taste. Obolensky was called "the last film the prince."

Young Eisenstein believed his typical eccentric. High, sophisticated, sporty Obolensky "threatened" light actor`s fate, but it is doomed to an endless search. It entailed teaching, directing, he assisted Kuleshov, Eisenstein, I put the movie itself, one of which - "Bricks" - became a real Kinoshlyagery its time, but "Albidum" was brutally cut up and thrown on the shelf.

In the late 30`s Obolensky seriously interested in the problem of sound in the cinema. He went to Germany to study and the purchase of recording equipment, and then became one of the first Soviet cinema sound engineer, participates in the creation of paintings "Outskirts", "Great comforter", "Puppets".

In June 1941, Leonid Obolensky left in the militia and was soon captured. The Nazis learned that ahead of them the former prince, sent him to the church, where he spent several years helping the priest. Returning home after the war, Obolensky was exiled to Siberia, first in the camp, and then to settle at Minusinsk.

In the mid-50s he moved to Sverdlovsk, where the re-passed all the stages of the director`s career from assistant to the director. Obolensky became interested in television, creating non-fiction and documentary films, directed the film enthusiasts clubs.

In the 70s, he again became a lot of filming as an actor. To get him to his film from the town of Miass, the last refuge of the master, revered for happiness and honor. In just a few minutes of screen time he could resurrect the whole of human life, reflect the era, social class, whether British millionaire ( "Midsomer Murders"), or a fabulous grandfather ( "nut bread"), a mysterious alien ( "Dr. Iven`s Silence") or Catholic Bishop ( "Red and black"), a sinister farmers ( "Aliens of passion") or a caricature Baron ( "A Million in a wedding basket"). He was constantly surrounded by young people, communicating with which he had no right to grow old.

People`s Artist of Russia (1991).

In 1918-1920 he served in the headquarters of the Political Department of the Red Army. In 1920-1921 he studied at Goskinoshkole (workshop L.Kuleshova). Since 1920 - an actor Children`s Theatre, Satire, the Red Army. In 1922-41 he taught at VGIK, workshops L.Kuleshova and Eisenstein, an assistant professor of directing technique and zvukooformleniya theory (1940). In 1925-27 he taught acting skills and stage movement in the name of the studio kinoakt