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Date of Birth: 10/13/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Vitebsk

Citizenship: Russia


People`s Artist of the Russian Federation (1994).


Leonid Nevedomsky born October 13, 1939 in Vitebsk, and this city is the actor loves with all his soul. Sometimes, when the actor was passing on the road in your favorite city, always came out on to the platform, bowed to the city, the land, the people.

Parents Leonid Nevedomsky were doctors: father - a surgeon, mother - a microbiologist. They died at an early age and a boy of 14 years living alone. First, the guy lived in Sverdlovsk, the second half of his youth, and later lived in the Far East in Khabarovsk. And everything in this life Leonid Nevedomsky did all that he has, he made one, with their own hands, teeth, without any outside help - neither the pope nor the mother, nor his beloved older brother.


His career began in the Leonid Nevedomsky Sverdlovsk, in the Youth Theatre, when he was only sixteen years old. Then he was invited to get right out of school, and no one else but himself famous film director Vladimir Motyl. And so, almost from school Leonid Nevedomsky and began to work alongside popular actors, directors venerable. At first he was an actor Sverdlovsk Theater, Novgorod and Murmansk, and then began to serve the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky.

In Tovstonogov Big Drama to Leonid Nevedomsky came when there shone Yefim Kopelyan, Evgeny Lebedev, Lyudmila Makarova. And he did not notice, he became a star. At the Bolshoi Drama Theater actor he played his best roles in "Threshold" and "Ordinary" Alexei Dudarev.

And, indeed, many of the actors present time, Leonid Nevedomsky works in "Russian anterprize" named after Andrei Mironov. There he played in "Les Miserables" - Jean Valjean, for which he won the Nikolai Simonov, Zahara in "Oblomov," the role that marked the "Golden sapphire", and another - father Mironov in the play "Oh, Fool me, I`m going crazy ... ".


With the same love affair develops Nevedomsky with film. The foundation was laid in 1967, when he played in the Moldavian heroic adventure film "The bitter seed" the role of a front-line friends with Jonah Hides and Yuri Gorobets.

Next was to get acquainted with the director Ilya Averbakh, which parallel the actor starred in one of his first paintings "level of risk". There`s also played Boris Livanov, Innocent Smoktunovskij, Alla Demidova - chic artists! And next to them the young Leonid Nevedomsky ...

Then there was the role of Dr. Oleg, who gave him a loving Nina in the film "Monologue". And caught Peter Rubakin in the series "Open Book". And, of course, the iconic role of Leonid Nevedomsky Paul Olevantsev melodrama Oleg Bondarev "Stepmom". The film initially assumed that Nevedomsky hero loves his daughter. Just like that, it is his own native blood, but then the actor had to arise: how can he love it when you do not put into it neither effort nor nerves, she grew up far away from him? Against logic and perseverance Nevedoskogo not trample ...

The end of the 70s, beginning of the 80s

In general, as all eminent actors of his caliber, Leonid Nevedomsky liked to improvise on the set. Himself to think out its role and it was he acting this initiative usually got away with it. Here and in the film "Gypsy" by offering Leonid Nevedomsky appeared the love of his hero, the chairman of the collective farm Timofei Ilyich, to the heroine Clara Lucko. But in the scenario of these feelings was not in sight. So it was with Timothy Sergushinym of the "Old Castle", and Zekunovym in the adventure "The Syndicate-2".

And so almost every movie in which he played the actor: "Ladies Tango", "Day Ahead", a favorite picture of the actor Irina Velembovskaya "Family Matters." Heroes Leonid Nevedomsky unlucky in love. They were not lucky, like, you have to become angry, and they do not get angry. "Better unrequited love than no love at all", - position in life Nevedomsky heroes. They just love it and have happiness.

And in "Belarus" film "Flame" Vitali Chetverikov fate would have it so ordered that the prototype cine hero Leonid Nevedomsky, partisan Commissioner Kalinowski, was a native guy actor. Materials about his fighting biography preserved in Minsk Museum of the Great Patriotic War ... Happy Leonid Nevedomsky that managed to play Boris Shadurski in the "fact of biography" in Ptashuk films "Our train" and "Co-op" of the Politburo. "


When Leonid Nevedomsky reviewing your movies, then I turn off the sound, since I am sure: should say otherwise ... So it was with Paul Nieder role in the TV series "Resurrect To Die" when directors Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin decided that this is not a great actor We need a lot of time to prepare for a small role in nature. But Leonid Nevedomsky loves adjust itself, at least for a week, he has to prepare himself for the next cinematic work.

But where the movie, there is sometimes more than the momentary voltage and less creativity. Very much the actor feared the screens the film "Convoy", where he played most of Winston Churchill. No role, dream. Actor summed up his kindness ... And the filmmakers failed one actor. Well, we come home for Nevedomsky persuaded. Two days of filming the actor remembered nightmare. But, like all happened, it happened.

It is quite another - work in "special mission." Two months before filming Nevedomsky got my hands on the script. Read, reread, different options to try on yourself. Almost like in the good old days, when allowed to duplicate and four, and five, and a great many, if it needed it.

During his long creative life Kantorovich played a lot of characters: the generals, lieutenants, soldiers who defended their homeland, and ordinary Soviet workers. But the main condition of the agreement on a role for Leonid Nevedomsky was just love, true love its heroes to the ground, to the homeland, to his daughter, his wife, his brother, to woman, to the common man.


Over time, the actor was filming rare. the main thing for him? That there was no shame in front of those previous roles. In order to present the characters were similar to those in the past. That reason alone, no, no, yes, and will fly Leonid Nevedomsky in television series episodes, albeit in very small doses.

For example, in the "National Security Agent" actor, once refused to star, two, and the third was simply impossible: the role was a bit too good. The same happened with the TV series "The Streets of Broken Lamps". Here Leonid Nevedomsky agreed already the fourth time to play the role of a former pilot who was the lead in aviakruzhok children. And at the same time to fight, to fight for their pupils with the new Russian.

The same story with the series "Deadly force". The actor refused to act in the same series, the other, but a wonderful director Sorokin found yet for Leonid Nevedomsky role of the hero`s father Sergei, whom he adored. Hero Nevedomsky lives in the village, and his son came to him. They beat a little bandits, to shoot, and the son left. All that and the series, and the role has ended. And in the TV series "The empire is under attack," the actor has played a remarkable man, the Minister of Internal Affairs in 1902, who was killed in the same series.

And so it turns out that if Leonid Nevedomsky and starred in the series, then chooses "pieces" to be more than the two series did not use. It is better to collect, concentrate, compression spring - and to work as it should. Then the viewer to remember and annoying long-playing cud not turn into ", - he said the actor believes.

So Nevedomsky happened and the role of the father of Sasha in "Three Colors of Love", and Nikolaitch to "lose the sun", and Maryaginym in "Tabor", and with Peter in the sensational "Saboteurs". Or, in the series "On behalf of Baron" Dmitry Svetozarova Leonid Nevedomsky role, however, this time a little more than two series, but again in the spirit of the actor. His hero is a hard worker, a villager, drinking, fighting for the happiness of his daughter. But for Nevedomsky importantly, to his hero for somebody struggling, someone defended.


The actor does not like to talk too much about their success as anyone never complains of fate. In short - our people! But happy to talk about her daughter, grandson and strawberries, which grow at his dacha near St. Petersburg.

Speaking about personal, intimate about Leonid Nevedomsky not without humor. It so happened that her daughter after the divorce has remained with his father. Leonid Nevedomsky not marry until she grew up and did not finish education. The second wife of actor - known psychologist from St. Petersburg "and in general is a very serious lady". By the way, the actor`s wife, and the first and second, very good to each other are, for a long time talking on the phone, and even with nursing grandson.

Leonid Nevedomsky as any modern man, but "Weather in the house", of course, worried and wealth in his house, which, with its established principles necessary to get hard. There are negative things that Leonid Nevedomsky safely, says journalists in society. This is the work of the actor on the jury. Nevedomsky believes that the most difficult in the competitive business - to select the best. That`s the voice of the great actor and kind-hearted people of all participants-beginners. For a chance to be in every novice. In short, our people!

Author: Tatiana Novitchenskaya

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