Leonid Mozgovoy

Picture of Leonid Mozgovoy

Date of Birth: 04/17/1941

Age: 75

Place of Birth: Tula

Citizenship: Russia

... and this Lenin Brain

Author: Maria Anisimova

Website: Celebrities

- Your first meeting with Sokurov in the movie, you might say, was a landmark.

- It was the film "Stone" by Chekhov. Sokurov arrived, three hours we talked about life, about the theater, about cinema, but after five minutes I realized that it takes me. I am a sober man, but felt that we had with the director there was some kind of mystical contact.

- And what do you feel when you realized that you Sokurov "takes"?

- For me, the movie was all about. I unsuccessfully acted in VGIK, then went to Leningrad and enrolled on a course to a stunning teacher Boris Zhirinovsky Zone. We were his last course, and among his students - Kadochnikov, Alisa Freundlich, Vitorgan ... However, we have also had a strong exchange rate: Lev Dodin, Natalia Tenyakova. I now offer to teach. If I agree, the main thing that I will take from his teacher, it is respect for the personality of the actor, the person, the ability to "pull" out of it what is laid ...

- In the movies Sokurov you played Chekhov, Hitler, Lenin. How do you feel about your characters so different?

- The first documentary that I`ve seen yet a boy, was a film about fascism. There`s one episode SS administered the poison baby. I tried to forget it, so you can not remember. And not a monster, but a man in "Moloch" script output. According to the memoirs of Olga Chekhov, who at one time emigrated to Germany and became there a movie star in Hitler coexisted two people - one a notorious, provincial, educated (secretary told me - it was not the case, so he did not miss a forward woman), and completely different, the one that came out to the podium. After Hitler took acting lessons (preserved photos) practiced hundreds of times before the mirror poses and facial expressions. Politicians generally always play.

- So you play man, not a politician.

- Sokurov planned tetralogy - four films: "Moloch", "Taurus", "Hirohito" (a Japanese emperor, who signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender September 2, 1945). The fourth film will probably be on the "Faust" - about the power of all. After the formation of the first Sokurov - a historian, and he is interested in this topic.

- But we do need to show Hitler and Lenin again and again?

- It is necessary. Eric Frow, the famous psychoanalyst, says: "While we shall not understand Hitler as a man, we shall not understand the essence of fascism." A look at what`s going on around you! Terrorism - the same fascism! And Sokurov warns: "Think of the people you choose After Hitler chose a civilized country by legal means!" But actually I do not want to talk about it - I`m not a politician and an actor. My business is to play.

- With regard to "Grandpa Lenin," we, too, for many years there was one, clearly formed the view: the ideal, "seasoned chelovechische", and then we found out that actually it was not so ...

- ... And started bullying - twins, cartoon. And Sokurov certainly reducing the figure of Lenin, not humiliate him. Not as a person nor as a politician. We showed the tragedy of a dying man who realized what he had done - because all the victims were authorized by them! "Taurus" was and my repentance, because we are all to "create an idol." Leader of the world proletariat played many wonderful actors (by the way, before the shooting Sokurov told me: "There are no movies do not look!"), And I remember Lenin by Smoktunovsky, Kayurov, Ulyanov, but in "Taurus" had to play something else. Sokurov showed the leader of "naked" - completely naked. For me, this role is like Hamlet.

- You said that you would not want to talk about politics. It does not concern you?

- As a child I was very active in high school, pioneer leaders, engaged in public work, but when the two times are not entered VGIK, I realized that having it is better to the profession, and since then has not climbed in any public organization. After adjustment I realized that I had - a private person. We were forced to do public, maybe that`s why now I - a lone actor. I have fifteen solo performances, I do not like huge halls (though when I worked in the Musical Comedy Theatre, had to act, and at the stadium). Solo performance "Dream of a Ridiculous Man" play in this attic, where twenty people are placed. I think now is reviving the art of the word, and it is known to sow eternal ...

- Once you said that in your present solo performance improvisation. And Sokurov gave you the ability to improvise in a movie?

- Yes. The "Taurus" has an episode: Lenin shear nails, and Krupskaya leans over him and comes to his injured leg! He turned over and cried out: "Ah Cow!" It is this "cow" I came up with.

- Somehow, it seems that you and Sokurov - people of faith. This is true?

- I think that Sokurov - a deeply religious man. Me not. The church did not go. We work in the world, working to the best of their forces, and all that is moral, too, sent to "there." And now recovering dogma - in my opinion, is not necessary.