Leonid Markov

Picture of Leonid Markov

Date of Birth: 12/13/1927

Age: 63

Place of birth: village Alekseevskoe

Citizenship: Russia

He could play half

People`s Artist of the USSR (1985).

Author: Rita Bolotskaya

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Behind him were hunting the directors of leading theaters of the capital, his participation guaranteed success, "under him" staged plays ... In the theater, he beat all the star`s repertoire. And the movie did not work - the role of the battered disappointingly minor! But they remembered. About the film roles Markov someone wrote: "From him the feeling that the lion paw stroked. The incredible power! "

On stage, he played with childhood

- When I hear a waltz out of the picture Lotyanu "a hunting accident," just remember Lenya - says Markov each actor of the Mossovet Theatre Leonid Evtifev. - Do Lotyanu Lenya played Urbenina, became almost the most prominent of his film roles, although I personally, who knew Lenya on stage to talk about it is ridiculous. After Count Orlov in "Royal Hunt" Porfiry Petrovich from "Crime and Punishment", Arbenina in "Masquerade," Yegor Bulychov, Antipas Zykov ... I think you understand the difference. Yes, Leonid starred in dozens of films - among them "Russian field", "Garage", "Red and Black", "Zmeelov" - but none of them does not give even a rough idea about the talent Markov! It`s like a salad, made on the occasion of a chef-class ...

About how in 1947 a twenty-year Markov came to conquer Moscow, said a lot - without it can not do, perhaps, any one interview of his older sister, the national actress Rimma Markova ... scenic Both inherited the gift from his father, a provincial actor-nugget. Mom served make-up artist, hairdresser. The whole family traveled around the country, concluding contracts with the same troupe, then the other. Children soon began to appear on the scene - when they lived in Vologda, dramstudiyu graduated at the local theater. Then, on the advice of her manager, director Lee Rothbaum ventured to try his luck in Moscow, in the studio at the Lenkom ... Took both! They rushed to the capital, unable to believe his luck. And they were happy, even though they lived from hand to mouth: the first time at the station, and later - in the back of the theater, and only then - in the room energy experts, razdobytoy for them glavrezhem Lenkoma Ivan Nikolaevich Bersenyev.

- Bersenev really believed in us, - says Rimma Vasilyevna. - At the end of the studio left in the theater. Lenya was particularly in demand. First, the talent, and secondly, a strong male charisma: he knew how to play a floor that is not given to everyone! But in the movie, I started acting early and always tried to push to this brother. In 1956, he had a wonderful sample of the film Chuhraja "Forty first" for the lead role, the White Guard officers who later played Strizhenov. Who knows what would have been the fate of Lenin, remove it in the "Forty first" ?! Brother prevented loading the theater. He could not break free. Yes, and not torn, frankly. There was in him the desire to grasp, push apart the elbows ... Klimov tried it for the role of Rasputin in "Agony". Doubt - someone to take Markov or Petrenko? Petrenko chose - he and age, and in appearance more suited to the role. How it came to dubbing, he calls me: "Do not agree to Leonid voice?" Apparently, something has hooked him in Lenin`s voice. I refused - snapped, his brother was offended. And Lenya me later: "And in vain. I`m not jealous. Petrenko - a wonderful actor, and I even behind the scenes, so to play this role! "

Could Destroy word

- For myself, I referred Markov "anarchist", - says director Roman Viktyuk. - His nature, his soul, his talent was anarchist and proud through individual ...

Moscow triumph Viktyuk began with "The Tsar`s Hunt", set them in the Theater Mossovet: Markov - Alexei Orlov; Terekhova - impostor. The city theater-goers watched the "hunt" for several times, and the provincials came to Moscow specially for this performance.

- I know that Markov was considered arrogant, brash, cocky. Yes, it was - continues Roman G.. - I remember it very simple, soft and pliable. Obviously, it was necessary for him to be able to come to understand it is not the ordinary person.

About Leonid Markov still tell many colorful stories. Basically - it related to its fundamental ability to say what he thinks.

- He could "attach" to destroy the word! - Says Rimma Markova. - By nature Lenya was a man shy, squeezed, and as the drink - like a bridle subsided! Although drinking whatever, very often chopped spur of the moment. First of all creativity "dissected", then - all in a row. That many do not like - I think that`s why there was so much talk, evil and vain.

How to tell colleagues, even when he was Markov lenkomovtsem following incident occurred: one actress was awarded the title of People`s Artist of the USSR. She stood in front of the theater, received congratulations. I approached and Markov, on that time aspiring actor, and kissing the hand the award, said: "What do you say, I hope you understand that this is a misunderstanding ..."

And in the "Moscow City Council", where Mark was a member of the artistic council of the theater and its performances even afraid of the director Zavadsky. One discussed the play "Singing Sands" - it was busy Plyatt, Savina, Bortnikov. "Leonid, well you do not want to say anything?" - Asked the chairman. "Why, - said Markov. - I propose to make this show a few times, to recoup the costs, and then sets include the barn and no one else is the product not show ... "The next day, the author of the play told everyone that Markov was drunk. But it was not true. And after a while the scenery is really taken to the barn.

- After the artistic council meetings in the theater, the talk was: "What Markov said? And as Mark said, "- says Leonid Evtifev. - But do not think that Lenya only other criticism. He and myself could just speak. For example, he is in the role of Protasov in "Living Corpse" He was unhappy, though play safely introduced into the repertoire - all the other suit, and Lenya no! Once in the hearts he confessed: "Requests ... I l this role!" Our then-glavrezh Yuri A. Zawadzki was fond of saying: "In art, it is necessary to live according to the highest, Hamburg score". And all assented. But one thing - to proclaim, and the other - to match. Lenya - matched.

Cross for a year before his death,

Theatres for Markov fought. Mikhail Tsarev, artistic director of the Maly, called more than a year to his artist. And finally, deciding that theater Mossovet he "tired", Markov went to Small. It successfully starred in "Zykov" ... and eight months later came back in the company of "Moscow City Council": a very specific, academic repertoire Lesser not liked. Other ago would not accept: creative ambitions - it is terrible! But Markov Markov was, rather than the "other" ... In 1985, he was awarded the title of People`s Artist of the USSR.

Attention actor constantly sought women. Fans of the passage is not allowed. The first marriage broke down because of the jealousy of his wife. And these two were unsuccessful. And with the last wife - Elena Markov had lived 20 years, until his death.

- We met at the telephoto performance, - says Elena. - I then worked as an engineer on television. There was a problem with the color, Lena had to change his shirt, and I approached him with the request. Usually, stars are capricious, and he looked like a child, and asked obediently: "Where to go? Where to change? "At that moment I fell in love! ..

We were interested together, despite the difference in age - when met, he was 43, I was 27. He read a lot, knew a lot. We could talk for hours! Loved a long time to live in the country, we have never been alone bored. He painted pictures, the house remained his paintings. He was a strong back, guarding me - when he died, I felt it ... What about jealousy? Even though it happened somewhere something on the road, I did not know and did not want to know, because of what happened between us, still no one will ever give might not ... Probably, our life was not harmony - just in case, but it It was a bright palette. So bright that it took 15 years after his death, and no one in that time I could not even close to compare with Lenya. The only regret is that has not given birth. He said: "You - my baby, I - yours." Then, sorry ...

A year before the death of Elena and Leonid were baptized together. When Elena wanted to be baptized, I did not even think that her husband support. And he said, as if thinking about it for a long time: "And I`m with you."

Ironically, shortly before the death of the actor slipped another - the last film role, promises to be very interesting: the French have offered Markov play detective in its series, calculated for a few years, he even managed to take part in the filming. Exactly one week. Then doctors taken to the hospital - and never released.

Leonid Markov "burned" in the past month. Cancer.

Others who came to visit him in the hospital, he suddenly said: "The Rebel is not necessary. Roles played, loved women, it was a lot of things, good again. "