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Date of Birth: 07/06/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Kirensk

Citizenship: Russia

Leonid Kulagin: I live in the power of women.

Author: Katherine Romanenkova

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Do not be drowned in a pool

- I was born in a remote Siberian town of Kirensk, Irkutsk region, on Lena River, and then in front of the school itself, we moved to the city of Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod, home of the Pope. So all my childhood was accompanied by two great Lena and Volga rivers. And as the names of rivers women, it is quite obvious that I was destined to a lifetime I was accompanied by a woman that I loved them and in all relied on them. So it turns out that from childhood I was surrounded by girls, older than me by age, and they have been my most faithful friends. And it`s a feeling that there is always need to be a woman left me still, and despite the usual belief that women treacherous, fickle, false, I am absolutely sure that this is the most loyal people. Maybe it`s me so fortunate, but in my life, perhaps only twice I was punished person feminine.

- To betray?

- Yes. Punish, and very hard, but believe women because of that I have not stopped. And now that I have chosen a new profession - start to shoot the show, my group is composed mainly of women.

- That explains why you have chosen the profession of an actor - Mummery purely girlish infatuation.

- No, just my friends preferred boyish games, they were real tomboy, probably so, I still prefer the kind of adolescent women about whom they say: "Small dog puppy to old age." And in the theater led me to my father. He worked as an electrician in a local drama theater, and after school I went to it - to go, then I had nowhere to go. I walked behind the scenes, watching everything plays, and then for the first time went on stage - in the play "The Young Guard". Then, my grace is over - his father left the theater, and I stopped to let. But we have lived in the yard of the drummer from the Opera House, and I joined up to go there - to the tenth grade, I knew by heart all the arias and sang very well. However, my idol was a "bass" Chaliapin, and I sang on the early childhood childish treble, so to get a little closer to the idol, I went out into the cold and yelled to hoarse. Bass I bought, but got rid of sore throats for life. However, by the end of the school I faced a dilemma: to learn more on the opera singer or a dramatic actor. I already rationally assess their capabilities and understand that to sing like Chaliapin I can not but sing worse, I did not want to - I was sort of a perfectionist, so the choice is toward the theater studio.

- Going back to your maiden company: the age at which girls become-girlfriend you have to involve a representative of the opposite sex?

- It is difficult to somehow dramatically put abroad. I remember I was seven years old ... We have close to home was a vacant lot, and in the middle - a cavity in the rain water accumulate there, and receive a tremendous pool. And so my friend walked barefoot through the puddle reached the mid - water above the knee, the girl was frightened and began to cry. Then I began to emerge in the gentlemanly - I rushed to save her, but falling into the water next to her, roared. Father came and pulled us both and said: "You do not know, you can not, scared - do not climb." Since then, turning his attention to you like a girl, I always wonder - and "do not drown I in this pool," Will I have strengths and positive qualities to achieve it, and if I`m not sure that`s enough, I`m not I would not throw myself into this maelstrom. In fact, love has always brought me more misery than joy. I - a twin on a horoscope, nature is in doubt, I do not self-confident ... Fell in love I`m from a very early age: every summer I was sent to summer camp, the first day I chose the subject of adoration, as a rule it was a blonde, and all day "fly by happiness ", and the next day I started to suffer and worry that after 23 days the change of ends, and we must part forever.

- And why not enjoy 23 days, postponing the pain until later, when will the change?

- Well, that`s how I arranged, I live tomorrow, though I understand that all we must take from life today. By the way, I asked friends, it turns out, most of them live in the same: to finish school - begin to live, to wean the institute - everything has changed, marry - will move your life ... And life meanwhile passes, people, meetings, events.

At the end of the world

- Despite the kind of pessimism, you do not sit idly by waiting for transcendental tomorrow, and tried to build it to your liking?

- Yes, I went to drama school at the Drama Theatre in his hometown and returned to the dear to my heart behind the scenes, where I spent all my childhood. After graduating from drama school I was left there, in the Drama Theatre. But then I was not wise for years and realized that I will stay forever and Lenya, the student, who three years dangled in front of all the actors. By the way, with my other classmates what happened. Then fate intervened in my woman ... In a fit of insane love, I pulled behind a young beautiful woman on the edge of the world, to Chita. She was born and grew up in Yaroslavl, in a family of actors, there graduated from drama school and then ran away from her parents, sitting in Chita theater. And this theater came to our city for a tour. Our feelings erupted at once, it seems, the first time I thought about the fact that you have to leave, maybe I had already decided that I would go for the woman on the edge of the world. But the tour ended - leaving my mistress promised me to arrange a call from her theater. And pulled long days of waiting.

- Children`s Lessons "puddles" were not in vain, you are still waiting, but not left in the dark?

- Take drastic decision to break away from their homes, punching the wall forehead - it`s not in my nature, is usually all it did for me a woman. I was even in Moscow pulled the woman, the director of my crew Tatiana Nikitina, she organized the whole filming process and just called me from Bryansk, where I was for many years directed the theater. So I`m still the same, and then, 20-year-old boy and even more so - I humbly waited for telegrams from Chita. I was quite stern and reserved father, he saw that I toil waiting and worried - he did not want me leaving, moreover, he was not at all happy that I went to the actors, over the years in the theater, he had seen enough on the loose morals of bohemia and considered unworthy of the profession. My father really wanted me to work on the ground ... One day my father came a little cloudy. I was usually asked if telegram father frowned even more and says, came: "Son, but if the telegram is not at all, what will you do?". "Stay at home, going to work in the Drama", - as it is very easy to answer me. "Take a jacket" - waved father. I was just thrown with joy, it was the first in my life a telegram: "We invite you to work actor in Chita Oblast Drama Theater with a salary of 75 rubles." At that moment I did not see what it was like his father, is already on the platform, when he accompanied me, I noticed out of his cap pulled down low Tears flowed. Forty years have passed, and this picture is still standing in front of me, I have a very have a son and a grandson, and I understand how it is when you go by, perhaps, forever.

A man with a horse face

- That girl was your wife?

- Yes. We worked together in Chita half of the season, and then went to Yaroslavl ... There`s life had no luck - we were very different people ... But there is a great tragedy, I was young, but already independent. At this time, the director of the theater moved to Chita Lipetsk and began to create his company, dragged some of the actors from the former theater, and called me. It was very useful - after the divorce I was just nowhere to go. Then I believed in something called fate: I soon married actress that literally changed the scene of my first wife, when we went to Yaroslavl, we missed it just a few days, and now fate still brought us together. Since then we have together. Sometimes the 365 days of the year were close, and on the set, and on the road. There were moments when I wanted to go somewhere to relax from each other, but over the years I began to feel that I am more and more want to return home to his family. And I realized that loneliness is only good when it can at any time to interrupt.

- In the movie, you also woman brought a pen?

- No, still here and was my initiative. After drama school, I have all the studio sent their photos, I was absolutely sure of his irresistibility, because there are quite a young age like a girl. The first telegram came from Mosfilm, from Andrei Smirnov, the director, and I think he is right that the national cinema without me well, does not do! So I do not think for a long time ... The script was absolutely no names, nicknames were: Commissioner, intelligent driver, a pregnant woman, man with a cow, a man with a horse face ... and the like. I tried on several roles, in the end, decided on Commissioner of noble origin, but then I discovered the secret - initially Smirnov in store for me the role of "a man with a horse face", like this, immediately destroying all my illusions about the attractive appearance. The fate of this picture was bleak - officials have noticed in the story of the revolutionary criticism of the coup and demanded the film be destroyed, and the negatives and originals - everything was washed away. And only thanks to montazhnitsa that at your own risk retained several boxes of film in a domestic refrigerator, twenty years later, the film managed to recover - but the time has gone, and the relevance of the theme is missing.

- The debut was a failure?

- I would not say I saw some episodes Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and saw in me a nobleman. Very soon I was invited to audition in the "Noble Nest". To my great shame I could not even imagine what kind of role I am offered - Turgenev I "passed" in the school very briefly and very vaguely remembered the story of the work. It was necessary to urgently open the book Russian classics. But I`m even in my wildest dreams imagined that I will get the role Lavretsky.

- You had a very beautiful and well-known partner - how relations outside of filming?

- Biata Tyszkiewicz - a beauty of beauties, Western Star, the whole of Europe and half the world knows it. When I first saw her, not on the screen, but in real life, I did not recognize her - completely colorless face, freckles, eyebrows are bright, very simple, modest dresses that are not visible. But it was only a little makeup to touch her face, she became irresistible! She did not seem inaccessible. I am convinced that a truly great artists, still good, ordinary people, easy to work with and communicate with them. While waiting for the start of filming, sometimes we dozed together, side by side, she taught me to sing, we drank, but to her priudarit - I have such and thoughts do not arise, I thought it was impossible for himself unworthy. In addition, there were experts in amorous matters much more high-end - I did not have a chance, so I was satisfied with the fact that we have going on in the frame.

Treason, which did not conceal from his wife

- Actor marriages are usually not strong, to reason - lightheadedness profession, betrayal, a long separation. How did you manage to keep the family together, or you and your spouse are completely devoid of feelings of jealousy?

- It is a merit of his wife. I`m terribly jealous of her, watching rehearsals for its theater partners - I`m selfish love. She decided the issue of jealousy is very simple, she told me: "L

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