Leonid Haritonov

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Date of Birth: 05/19/1930

Age: 57

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Born May 19, 1930 in Leningrad. More school Lenya Kharitonov did not name other than "Artist" - he was an indispensable party to all the amateur performances. After graduating from the tenth grade, the young man suddenly hesitated whether he will be able to become a real artist? And submit an application to the university`s law faculty. A month later Kharitonov got a student card, on which was written: "Leningrad University, Faculty of Law."

A year Kharitonov diligently attended lectures, studied jurisprudence, went to seminars. In his spare time he played in a student amateur drama group. In the play "The Government Inspector," thundered the whole of Leningrad, he played Bobchinsky and it was after this role again seriously thought about acting career.

During his studies at the University of Kharitonov offered service in intelligence. Honestly warned to be working abroad, many will have to sacrifice. But from such attractive offers, he still refused. Because of love for the theater.

In the summer on tour in Leningrad came MAT. Next to the posters, to speak about the famous theater performances, there were modest announcements: MAT announces admission to their school-studio. After reading an ad, Leonid decided to secretly loved to take exams. He successfully passed two rounds. On the third tour, he was summoned to Moscow. A few days later from Moscow to Leningrad flew telegram: "Approved."

School-Studio them. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater Kharitonov graduated in 1954 and joined the troupe of the famous theater this year.

In the same 1954 Kharitonov first she starred in the movie. Glory brought him the first role in the film "School of courage", where he was shot while still a student. A year later, on the country`s screens out "Soldier Ivan Brovkin".

In the summer of 1955 on the streets of Sukhumi military patrol detained the young soldier. He did not welcome the officer was clearly not dressed according to the ordinance: the belt is loose, the collar unbuttoned. Stopped patrol of soldiers, rather than embark on a rack "quietly" trying to start an argument. The patrol took him to the office. What surprise of the day patrolling officer when ten minutes later arrested, smiling, she walked out of the commandant`s office, but still accompanied by the commandant himself.

- Look, no longer get caught! Once you form, wear it, as stated in the statute, - said the commandant, shaking his hand in farewell.

- There is! - He clicked his heels soldiers.

- The actor is - said the commandant officer. - "School of courage" see? Here he played there.

This funny incident happened with Leonid Kharitonov during the filming of the movie "Soldier Ivan Brovkin". To an actor accustomed to the costume of his character, he was allowed to wear a soldier`s uniform. By the way, it was the first and last event in life Kharitonov, when the audience did not know him ... to get into the skin of the hero, Kharitonov hours engaged in combat training, learned to drive a tractor, a motorcycle. And flatly refused by the singer-understudy. "I want to sing it yourself" - said the actor and insisted on her. They say that the script of this comedy Leonid studied several weeks. To try to understand his every line, trying to visualize the "unlucky" Vanya, which goes all out of place. This "unlucky" - a starting characteristic in the image of Ivan Brovkin - Kharitonov forced to smash his head. He could not understand what she called - in innocence, or, conversely, to wits? Maybe Ivan Brovkin - typical of Ivan the Fool from Russian fairy tales?

When the movie "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" was released, Kharitonov became the idol of generations. His fame can only be compared with the Gagarin! He wrote letters to the soldiers, girls, mothers and grandmothers, the actor invited to creative meetings in clubs, schools, factories and stadiums ...

In just a few years left a dozen paintings Kharitonov in the title role. He created a new social character - kind, modest, charming and ... unlucky. Brovkin and unlucky, unlucky, and policeman Bob Shaneshkin and even later heroes Kharitonov. But that was then, "Kharitonov" the key to the hearts of the audience. Kharitonov Characters not only educated, but also fun, for which the actor loved by people of all generations. He himself was something similar with their heroes: never for himself did not ask, he lived modestly, communicated to all on equal terms, but resorted to the aid of the first call.

Kharitonov was very amorous. Lev Durov, his classmate, recalled: "We have a date with the first guy was - Lenka Kharitonov! Although the increase seems to be small, and did not have an athletic figure. The novels had been and at the university and at school-studio. But, interestingly, the novel ends, and the friendship continued. Until the end of his life. "

His first wife was classmate Light Sorokin. They were married in the third year and lived together for two years. Svetlana Kharitonov, who left her husband`s name, a great character actress, served at the Theatre of film actor, then in the Satire Theatre, many shot in the 50-60-ies.

The new novel from Kharitonov happened in Leningrad, on the set of the comedy "The street is full of surprises," with actress Gemma Osmolovskaya. Gemma gave Leonid son Alyosha. Alexey Kharitonov now scientist-programmer.

The third and last wife of the actor became his student in the Moscow Art Theatre School - Eugene bends.

It was at Kharitonov and a penchant for drinking. Often he carousing with great MAT elderly - Boris Livanov, Alexei Gribov, Vladimir Byelokurov. With Byelokurov known throughout the country for the film "Chkalov", Leonid was friendly. The life of great artists was surprisingly limited. They worked hard, but also a lot of drinking. Soul had nowhere to attach! Belokurov wore a cardigan or sweater with a stripe on the chest. Livanov, the famous wit, joking: "This line is filling!"

But often Kharitonov saved the car keys. Hardly that, he climbed into his pocket for the keys: "I can not. I`m driving". Even if it was not "the wheel." During the filming of "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" he opened the plague, acquired during the Siege (some images of the film significantly, that Brovkina red eyes). To avoid surgery, doctors advised: ulcer helps pure alcohol! Get hold of pure alcohol, and Kharitonov them heal. Hence the tendency.

With age, Kharitonov has dropped out of the cage. Aging lads wanted to play, filmed rarely taught, prepared himself for this landmark role. Sometimes it appears in the episode very gray, a bit fat, but with the same mischievous twinkle in his eye, like the characters in his earlier films. Leonid Vladimirovich would not be repeated, and did not offer anything new. Enterprising administrators do yourself a lot of money on the famous artist. They took over the Soviet Union. Exploit his face and past achievements. By the way, abroad, one of the most popular movie stars 50`s so not once released!

In the 80 years of Leonid Kharitonov almost forgotten. His glory was like a mad last only Oscar-winning tape Vladimir Menshov "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", where in front of the Theatre of film actor, one of the heroines of squeals with delight: "Look! Kharitonov !!! "

Kharitonov was faithful to the Moscow Art Theatre. In 1962, however, he moved to the Lenin Komsomol Theater, and then in the Drama Theatre. Pushkin, but even there, and did not stay there long, and in 1963 he returned to the stage MAT.

But soon there was stagnation in the Moscow Art Theater. Almost did not put anything. Oleg Yefremov once again promised role, but ... in the list of roles Leonid himself is not found. They put a good performance "Ward number 6" by Chekhov, and then for some reason removed. In Kharitonov - a stroke! As he was glad when they came to restore performance in which they were engaged with Doronin. But strange things began to happen. Lava scenery is this performance. Second stroke! There has been a lot of strange things, that the actor suffered a heart.

He died on June 20, 1987 - on the next stroke - in the Drama Theater, for the moment. By separating the theater. Artists were divided - one where! Someone stays with Ephraim, someone goes to Doroninoj. This Kharitonov was unable to endure ...

At the tomb of Leonid Kharitonov farewell speech uttered Theater, the two leaders - and Doronin, and Efremov. On laid a wreath at the tomb - "From my mother." But Kharitonov mother had long since been dead! It turned out, sent a wreath unforgettable Tatiana Peltzer, which "Ivan Brovkin" playing the mother of the protagonist. It is to Leonid - and it is to it! - Treated with great trepidation.

Tombstone at the cemetery Vagankovsky is chopped in half stone. Theater, symbolizes the split. And in the form of broken-half MAT seagulls! On the stone inscribed with just two words: "Kharitonov." And beneath them - always fresh flowers.

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