Leonid Gallis

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Date of Birth: 01/12/1911

Age: 66

Place of Birth: Berdyansk

Citizenship: Russia


Born on 29 December (12 January) in 1911 In 1935 he graduated from the State College Experimental Theatre them. Vs.Meyerholda (Moscow). After graduation was admitted to the troupe of. Meyerhold. Since 1938 the actor Theater. Yermolova. One of his best roles - Glumov in the play "Easy Money" by Alexander Ostrovsky staged A.M.Lobanova (1945).

Filmed in the movies. The first role - a sailor Lawrence in the movie "The train goes to the East" (1947). Painting has become for the time event. Soon, however, he suffered disgrace superiors. It began with Stalin while viewing paintings irritably remarked, "I`ll go at the next station" - and went out of the viewing room. After that, the film and the actors who played in it, were subjected to severe criticism. The reason was that in the movie, where the main role played by Leonid Gallis and Lydia Dranovskaya, the main topic was the relationship between men and women, relegating to second place the patriotic theme of labor feats. For many years after that Leonid Pavlovich not getting any movie roles. Only since the mid-50s he was again on the screen. Among the films: "Two Captains" (1955, dir V.Ya.Vengerov.), "Test of loyalty" (1954, dir I.A.Pyrev.). He played in the movie Kulygina in "Three Sisters" (1964, dir. S.I.Samsonov) Anosova in "Garnet Bracelet" (1964, dir. A.M.Room), Denikin in the "Iron Flood" (1967, dir. E.L.Dzigan). In the theater, he played the role of sharply opposing Oliver in "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare (1940), in Krasalin "far from Stalingrad", Basov in the "summer people" Gorky (1949), Moulin in "slaves" Ostrovsky, Hogue in "European chronicle" A.N.Arbuzova (1953) and others. in recent years, he played in the movie Gilyarovskogo in the film "Subject for a short story" (1969, dir. S.I.Yutkevich), Curator in the movie "Leonid Gallis ( right) in the film "The train goes to the East" Monologue "(1972, dir. I.A.Averbah). One of the last significant works Gallis in the Theater. Yermolova - Carnota in the play "Flight" Bulgakov. I put a number of theater performances - "The Forest" Ostrovsky (1964), "Time and the Conway family" Dzh.B.Pristli (1966) and others.

Leonid Gallis died in Moscow on August 19, 1977 Buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.


1. The train goes to the east -1948 - Lavrentiev

2. The test of loyalty - 1954 - Andrej Kalmykov

3. Leaving Certificate - 1954

4. We all met somewhere - 1954 - each Gennady Maksimov

5. Two Captains - 1955 - Tatarinov

6. Calling - 1956

7. Adventure Artemki - 1956

8. Coordinates unknown - 1957

9. Vasily Surikov - 1959Mogila Leonid Gallis at the cemetery Vagankovsky

10. Farewell pigeons! - 1960

11. As long as the person is alive - 1963

12. Tale of Malchish-Kibalchish - 1964

13. The Three Sisters - 1964 - KULIGIN

14. Garnet Bracelet - 1964 - Anosov

15. Iron Flood - 1967 - Denikin

16. Plot for a Short Story - 1969 - Giljarovsky

17. Price - 1969

18. Monologue - 1972

19. My Life - 1972

20. Day after day - 1972

21. Second Wind - 1974

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