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Date of Birth: 07/16/1894

Age: 88

Place of birth: Torino

Citizenship: Italy


Since 1951, Croiset became a professor of botany and ecology of the Andean University. And in the same year he takes part as a botanist in the French-Venezuelan expedition sent in the Orinoco River basin in order to study its resources.

Kruazaschital that "life and earth evolve together." Taking as a basis for the metaphor, he substantiated the new concept of historical biogeography, which he called "panbiogeografiey".

The distinctive feature of "panbiogeografii" is a cartographic representation cladograms isolated (paleotectonic or paleoclimatic factors) areas, which reflect the connection between generalized trajectory that would reveal the history of the biota and biogeographical regions. "Panbiogeografiya" now estimated extremely ambiguous -from enthusiastic unconditional acceptance to accusations of being unscientific.

For his services Croizet became a knight of the Order of Merit and the Venezuelan "Order of Merit of the Italian Republic".

Leon Croizet died in Coro (Venezuela) November 30, 1982.

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