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Date of Birth: 03/16/1920

Age: 82

Place of birth: Sydney

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Reginald `Leo` McKern was born on March 16, 1920, in Sydney, New South Wales. Son Faith Martin and Norman Walton McKern attended high technical school in Sydney. He left without a left eye, once in 15 years in an accident. Leo was an apprentice engineer and served in the Australian Army during World War II, in 1944, he made his first appearance on the stage.

Falling in love with the actress Jane Holland, McKern moved to the UK, wanting to be with her, and in 1946 the pair were married. Leo soon became a permanent member of the London productions of the Old Vic Theatre and the Shakespeare Memorial (now the Royal Shakespeare Theatre), in spite of the difficulties associated with his glass eye and Australian accent.

His most notable role was the character of Shakespeare`s Iago in the play `Otello` 1952 with the participation of Anthony Quayle. In London`s West End McKern first played `prostolyudina` in the play by Robert Bolt`s A Man for All `vremena` in 1960, but for the Broadway version he was given the role of Thomas Cromwell, the public prosecutor of Sir Thomas More, which he reiterated in the film adaptation of the play. Also one of the memorable characters Leo became Suttle played them comedy by English playwright Ben Johnson `Alhimik` in 1962.

The big movie McKern first appeared in 1952 - in the British drama `Murder in sobore` David Ward. List of films with his participation adds fantasy `Beatles Richard Lester. Help! `1965, won the `Oscar` of the play adaptation of `A Man for All vremena` 1966, short film` The Shoes of the Fisherman` 1968, David Lean melodrama `Daughter Rayana` 1970 horror film` Omen` 1976 and the drama `Woman French leytenanta` 1981 with Meryl Streep.

Reginald received the Australian Film Institute award for `Best akter` of them played a leading role, Frank, in dramedii Charles Schulz` Travelling North` 1987.. The last acting job McKern became his occasional participation in the dramatic biopic Paul Cox `Molokai: The Story of Father Damien` in 1999.

Leo gave his voice to Captain Haddock, the BBC radio serial character `The Adventures of Tin Tina` 1992-1993. As for television, there is one of the first projects with the actor was a black and white classic TV series` The Adventures of Robin Guda`. In 1975 McKern first became a major star of the television series, playing Horace Rampola in the series `Rumpole of the Bailey` in each of its episodes over seven seasons until 1992.. Initially, John Mortimer, creator and writer of the series, wanted to give the role of Horace actor Alastair Sim, but after seeing the incredible game Leo changed his mind. Mortimer said of his new choice: `He not only played the role of Rampola, he expanded it revived him and brought fully up estestva`.

In 1987, the investment company `Smith Barney` McKern instead chose John Houseman as its representative. In the last decade of his life Leo starred in a series of commercials for British bank `Lloyds`, which were shown on British television and played a character actor rather like a Rampola.

McKern daughter, Abigail, told that her father was very nervous before going on stage, and that with age, his fear of the audience only intensified. Suffering from diabetes and other health problems, Leo in the year 2002 was in the nursing home care for the elderly. He died a few weeks after the move, on July 23th, at the age of 82 years, leaving his wife Jane, daughters Abigail and Harriet and grandson.

In 1983, the actor was awarded the title of Officer of the Order of Australia for his services in the field of performing arts.

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