Lena Headey

Picture of Lena Headey

Date of Birth: 03/10/1973

Age: 43

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Shortly before the birth of Lena, her father, an officer in Yorkshire Police Academy, was assigned to Bermuda, where it is 3 October 1973 and came into being. In Bermuda, it lived up to five years, and then returned to Yorkshire, where she lived for 17 years.

Hedy never interested in working in film and theater, did not attend drama club, before an actress. She wanted to be a hairdresser.

At 17, it drew the attention of a casting agent. He took a photo of her and offered to come to poslushivanie. Ultimately, Lena got to shoot Stephen Gyllenhaal`s film "Water Country." This film was not only for her debut, but also brought considerable fame. During the filming, to look natural, Lena took lessons in horsemanship. It is also engaged in boxing in London, where the former boxer taught her struggle. [1] Operating actress Lena filmed in various countries. She was in India when starred in "The Jungle Book", visited St. Petersburg during the filming of "Onegin". It was also in Norway, Kaizen playing in the movie "Aberdeen". In 2005 Lena was filmed in Romania and Mexico. I spent four months in Prague, working on the film "The Brothers Grimm," with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. During 2006, Hedi was in Canada filming thriller "Shooter". Then she changed her position, arrived in Germany for shooting "Red Baron."

In his spare time, Lena Headey continues to take boxing lessons in London. She is a vegetarian and sometimes engaged in yoga, as well as during operation in India. Lena did not zhelaetvernutsya back to Bermuda, where he once was born. She currently lives in London.

In 1994, she met actor Jason Flemyng on the set of the film "The Jungle Book" and met with him for nine years. She even got a tattoo