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Throughout its history, this group has replaced a lot of the participants ,and passing evolved her style. The team was formed in the first half of the `80s and founded her three classmates a Boston schools : Evan Dando (born March 4, 1967 ; vocals, guitar, drums.) , Ben Daly (vocals, guitar, drums) and Jesse Peretz (bass) .

The original name of the project was "Whelps", but when the boys finished with their studies ,it was changed to "Lemonheads". The very next day after the final exams they recorded their first EP "Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners", which was released on his own label "Huh-Bag". Record attracted the attention of "Taang!" Independent of the Boston firm, and soon the "Lemonheads" concluded a contract with the label.

At the beginning of 1987-th in the team announced drummer Doug Trachten, it creates opportunities for Evan and Ben share only vocal and guitar duties. First Full Movies " lemonhedov " was charged sassy fast hardcore and resembled a cross between the creations of "Husker Du" and "Replacements".

LemonheadsPosle exit "Hate Your Friends" Trachten kudathen it disappeared, so that the second group of the disc was recorded with the participation of John Strom "Blake Babies". Here, as well as on the next album "Lemonheads" tried to cross punk with metal and something else, but little effect, these works are not made, and the audience paid attention only to the loud cover of Suzanne Vega`s "Luka" to "Lick" plate.After that, Dando and Daley began to find out which of them is more important, and the victory was for Evan. In 1990, an updated version of "Lemonheads" with David Ryan on drums has signed a contract with "Atlantic / Warner" and started working on the next long play, "Lovey".

Appear this album a year later, he could well end up in grunge jethowever, this has not happened, and it was limited edition of 30 thousand copies. Frustrated Evan flew to Australia, where with the help of his friends Nick Dalton and Tom Morgan wrote a few new songs. The material formed the basis of "It`s a Shame About Ray", which "Lemonheads" made a breakthrough into the mainstream.

LemonheadsVprochem, it did not happen immediately ,but only after the record was re-released with the addition of a cover - version of "Mrs. Robinson" duo "Simon and Garfunkel". It is with this song began promotion group and in particular of Evan Dando. Opus "Lemonheads" became a staple of student radio stations and alternative charts, and at times appeared on the MTV ".In this photo of Evan often start flickering in the press and circulation "It`s A Shame About Ray" reached 800,000 copies. Released in late 1993, and supported by the hit single "Into Your Arms", the album "Come on Feel the Lemonheads" secured the success of the group, which in the meantime has gone on tour with "Oasis".

Unfortunately,During this period Dando began experimenting with hard drugs and almost lost his voice. When he was a little oklemalsya, it turned out that all his partners fled. In 1996, Evan has collected a whole new composition and released an album with him "Car Button Cloth". Jobs has not made much of an impression, and soon the team was actually disbanded. About its former existence is only recalled the collection "The Best of the Lemonheads", released in 1998 by "Atlantic".

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