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Scandinavian fashion, timelessHaving succeeded as director of design at the network `Anthropologie`, Johann Uurasyarvi decided to start his own project. This project has become the label `Leifsdottir`, quickly won itself a worthy place on the world fashion scene and once again confirmed the presence of its creator extraordinary taste.

The project `Leifsdottir` for its creator ,Uurasyarvi Johanna (Johanna Uurasjarvi), the debut did not become ; previously the designer has managed to try his hand in the project `Anthropologie`. In many ways, these lines are similar ; Johann recognized that it `Leifsdottir` in many ways ` sestrinskim` project `Anthropologie`. Director `Anthropologie` on design issues ,Johann decided to show his new label entirely new personality traits and outlook on the world. The name of the new label, `Leifsdottir`, Johann built as a classic Scandinavian names : it is literally translated as ` daughter Leyfa`. This reference to the Scandinavian culture is a kind of tribute to the Finnish blood itself Uurasyarvi and a reminder about the importance of the family as a whole past.

`Leifsdottir` is a unique piece of fashion art.The clothes of this label is easy and pleasant to wear : practicality and functionality combined with outstanding visual quality. High quality fabric treated with the hands of experienced craftsmen, transformed into elegant fashion masterpieces of art ; fabric for clothing of all models also decorated with colorful and sometimes incredible detail. Unique trim edges, Vintage buttons, graceful forms - all this creates a unique or incomparable image and style format. Collections of clothes of `Leifsdottir` literally exist out of time, they can not be called modern or outdated - such categories are simply not described. All label `Leifsdottir` can be more or less reduced to a single person - the most Johann Uurasyarvi. For some time she was known primarily as the executive director of Design Philadelphia retailer `Anthropologie`. But a new project `Leifsdottir`, where Johannes also holds the position of Director of Design ,He had on its reputation in no way less impact. The `Anthropologie` woman came in 2000th, when she served as design director. Since then, the list of responsibilities Johanna grew considerably : it deals with the development of design strategies and controls the design of almost all products `Anthropologie`. Time,when Uurasyarvi worked only one clothing left behind - now! Johann has to deal with clothes, accessories and home decor items.

Uurasyarvi Hailing from Finland (Finland), but for the life world she had time to see. Johann worked all over the world, in cities such as Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and New York (New York). knownThat higher education Uurasyarvi received within the walls of the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Helsinki), where she earned a degree in fashion design iizyaschnym arts.

Style Uurasyarvi difficult to describe a specific formula : it works in the style ,which is very, very poorly amenable to formalization and is not eager to fit the grid of classical terms. Apparel by Johanna is so non-standard that from the first glance at these women often simply breathtaking,as previously mentioned ` bezvremennyy` style not only allows you to combine outfits ` Leifsdottir` c clothes of various styles and sizes, but also ensures that no fashion trends and changing paradigms of popular styles will not have the popularity of the label is particularly noticeable effect. Technical design outfits Uurasyarvi also always on top : careful attention to detail, coupled with carefully selected raw materials ensures that from a functional point of view, clothes from the Finnish masters will be no worse than with a visual.

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