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Date of Birth: 02/14/1910

Age: 85

Place of birth: Oslo

Citizenship: Norway


Author: Elena Murzina

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The present name of the actor - Leif Norman Nielsen (Leif Normann Nilsen). He was born on February 14, 1910 in Oslo, Norway (Oslo, Norway). His father was the chief of the fire station, where a memorial plaque in honor of the great artist hangs today. Leif was high (192 cm), athletic man, but not too nice - big nose, small dark eyes, high forehead; but the force of his charm and sense of humor was such that the actor never knew shortage of admirers. Early in his career he took the stage name was JUST Nielsen (Just-Nilsen), but later changed it to Jaster.

Leif Juster became a popular theater actor in the early 30-ies of the last century. His film career began much later - after the debut film `Jeppe p & # 229; bjerget`, filmed in 1933, it took as long as 8 years before the big breakthrough, which was the comedy `Den Forsvundne P & # 248; lsemaker`. The film was adapted to local realities transcription pattern of the legendary American comedy duo Laurel and Hardy (Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy), who in the 30s were popular as ever. After `Den Forsvundne P & # 248; lsemaker` career Jaster rose higher and higher.

In 1945, the actor and his wife opened a variety theater Edderkoppen, who for 25 years was the most popular and prestigious theater in Norwegian comedians, while in 1970 did not close for economic reasons. It is worth mentioning that in spring 2003. Variety Theatre Edderkoppen again opened its doors to the public - and again a resounding success.

After several years away from the set, because the theater occupied all his time, Leif Juster returned to work in film and these films have become classics of the Norwegian cinema. It - `Fjols til Fjells` in 1957,` Bustenskjold` in 1958, `Bussen` in 1961 and later the comedy` Skraphandlerne`, filmed in 1975.

Even if Jaster acted in serious dramatic films, and `Bussen` - one of them, the audience remembered his characters as funny, a little strange, temperamental, but always kind people. For its time it was the most original Norwegian actor, especially against the background of their colleagues.

When Leif Juster died November 25, 1995, he became the first Norwegian actor, buried by the state - thus expressed his country`s respect for the work of Jaster. According to surveys, the Norwegians still consider Leif Juster best Norwegian comic of all time.

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