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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of birth : Baytown, Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States

Christian Rockers from Texas

Leland Mooring at an early age demonstrated outstanding ability, and named in his honor a group of `Leeland` become a successful platform for the realization of his talents.talented musicians Team Leland helped open up fully, and became one of the most interesting phenomena in the contemporary music scene.

Soloist, Leland Mooring (Leeland Mooring), wrote his first song - `Shine` - in 11 years. After a successful debut with this song in a certain church Illinois (Illinois) Mooring family began touring across the United States. In 14 years, Leland took part in a talent contest `Embassy Music` in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee); he was able to go to the best final competitions songwriters and artists. Victory Leland failed to win ,but one of the judges, Kent Cawley (Kent Coley), interested. A year later, the young man showed interest in more and Eddie DeGarmo (Eddie DeGarmo), president of the company `EMI CMG Publishing`; soon they signed a contract to write songs. Less than a year, Leland, his older brother Jack Mooring (Jack Mooring),their cousin Jake Holtts (Jake Holtz) and friends of Jeremiah Wood (Jeremiah Wood) and Mike Smith (Mike Smith) created and officially registered their group; working under the auspices of a new command `Essential Records`, one of the units ` Sony BMG`s Provident Label Group`. Musicians rehearsed in the church building ;singer `s name as the name of the group they have chosen because of its euphony.

Work on the debut album `Sound of Melodies` musicians began in 2005 ; They produce their album Bronliv Matt (Matt Bronleewe), Marc Byrd (Marc Byrd) and Steve Hayndalong (Steve Hindalong).

In the US, the record went on sale on August 15, 2006 - th. The album was received very warmly ; it even nominated for Gremmi` ` and ` GMA Dove Award`; group itself was nominated for `GMA Dove` in three categories.

March 21, 2007 the first album was released also in Japan ; the title track rose in the Japanese music ranking to 6th lines. At that time, the group has worked closely with Christian rock legend Michael Smith (Michael W. Smith); Smith says, `Leeland` were perhaps the best band he had heard in a long time. Leland Mooring participated in the recording of one of the albums of Smith, `Stand`, and his brother Jack was even married to Smith`s daughter, Whitney Smit-Mooring (Whitney Smith-Mooring).

In October 2006, the group left Wood ; first took his place Tirado Austin (Austin Tirado), and then - Matt Campbell (Matt Campbell). It is in the new line-up the group took up a second studio album, `Opposite Way`. With this album the band wanted to show the world that the ` live the Christian life is normal ,even if it sets you on the background ostalnyh`. The new album climbed to the 72th line in the ranking of albums `Billboard` and to the first line in the ranking of Christian albums ` iTunes`. Composition `Tears of the Saints` was nominated for two awards ` Dove` and of Leland Mooring nominated as a candidate for the title of ` poet - songwriter goda`. Later `Opposite Way` was nominated for the award, and even ` Gremmi`.

The third studio album ,

`Love Is on the Move`, released August 25, 2009 - th. Its main single, `Follow You`, which included the vocals by Brandon Heath (Brandon Heath), went to Christian radio on 7 August. In September, the band went on tour ,named in honor of this very single ; We traveled with him all the same hit and Francesca Battistelli (Francesca Battistelli).

At the beginning of 2011 left the band bassist Jake Holtts ; he decided to radically change the type of activity and to try his luck in the ranks of the US Army. A few months later, September 20 of 2011, was released the 4th studio album ,`The Great Awakening`.

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