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At the end of 1986, the team has left one of its founders, bassist Matt Kharichev, replacing missing from "Stryper" Tim Gaines.

Metal band "Leatherwolf" was founded in 1981 in a suburb of Los Angeles, Anaheim. The self-titled mini-album of five tracks only appeared in 1984 on a small label "Tropical".This release caught the attention of the British company "Heavy Metal", which re-released it the following year as a full-length album, adding to a few songs of the group. In England this record out called "Endangered Species". Meanwhile, "Leatherwolf" amused by the fact that the team warmed up such as "Poison", "Motley crue", "W.A.S.P. " and " Great white ". At the end of 1986, the team has left one of its founders, bassist Matt Kharichev, replacing missing from " Stryper " Tim Gaines.

But there he did not last long, because soon, Tim returned to his seat. In 1987, the band caught the attention of the major "Island Records",which offered the musicians on the album release contract.

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Leatherwolf " took Kevin Beamish, known for his work in the field of AOP (" Y and T "," Reo sppedwagon "). New bassist has participated in recording the disc, Paul Carmen. The album received good reviews in the music press, and enjoyed success with the audience. All this occurred against the background of almost complete otstutstviya promotion. After releasing the album, the label started to advertise it only six months, and the video bothered to remove almost a year. It turned out as it is, because the firm was not used to really work with machinists. Still, after a while managers realized it and that kakthe correct position of the allocated band to record the next album sound engineer Michael Wagener (who worked previously with the "Accept").

Together with him and with the same Kevin Beamish "Leatherwolf" went to the Bahamas to the studio "Compass Point", which started to record "Street Ready".

Wagener and Beamish seemed to be properly razbiralisv their work ,but the label has counted on commercial records sound and nothing good came out of it. The team skated a little Europe in the company of "Zed Yago" and "Vow Wow", but with little success does not bring this tour. "Island Records" virtually nothing to pay musicians for two albums, and the band was forced to cancel the contract early.Soon after it was announced the dissolution of the "Leatherwolf". In late 1998, the team gathered together again to play a concert at the birthday party of his manager. The performance went very well and the band decided to continue their activities. In late 1999, they were on the money released live album "Wide Open",and began to prepare for the recording studio album.

However, in the autumn of 2000, the team left the singer guitarist and keyboardist Michael Olivieri and the case stalled again. Only in March 2002, it was announced that the new party "Leatherwolf" vocalist Chris Adams.

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