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Queen Leather Rock Leather Angel (Angel Leather) - a female group that played heavy metal in the early and mid- 80s, a group originally called Obsession (Obsession).Due to the fact that there was already a group of men called Obsession, they changed their name to Leather Angel. Members of the group Terry O`Leary (vocals) Cathy Amanti (bass), Krissi North (drums) and Debbie Wolf (guitar), won the local popularity and a growing number of fans in Los Angeles and Southern California clubs.Leading positions in the club scene engage in sexual Terry O`Leary, who had a very powerful and melodic voice. She often dressed in provocative skinny leather top and leather g-strings. Debbie Wolf (guitar), dressed in a leather outfit bikers. Her guitar riffs were a combination of powerful heavy accented chords c overtones and partly muted,it was clearly derived from the blues manner of playing. Bass Cathy Amanti thick, rich and violent, which occupied a central position in their music, without compromising, like other bass party. Drum rhythms Krissi North - deep and powerful that it was stressed echo effect, providing the tonal richness of their songs.They released a record called "We Came To Kill" (We came to kill).

The 84 -m Krissi North left the group in pursuit of other interests, and it was replaced by former drummer Tantrum Group, Kerri James. The group also joined Danelle Kern, as the second leading guitarist. In this part, they were almost went on tour with Dio,but the managers of both groups were unable to agree.

At the beginning of the 85th left Debbie Wolf, to begin work on a solo project. The other four participants became known under the name Jaded Lady. Their newsletter announced that the name change was required in order to note the new composition,as only Terry and Cathy were the original lineup.

Group members:

Terry O`Leary - vocals

Debbie Wolf -guitar (1983-1984)

Cathy Amanti - bass

Krissi North - drums (1983-1984)

Danelle Kern - guitar (1984-)

Kerry James - drums (1984-)

Discography :

"We Came To Kill" - EP - (` 82) - Miami 1992 Records

Askin` For It

Need Your Love

Whole Lotta Love -(LED ZEPPELIN cover)

We Came To Kill

Heart Shaker

Under Your Spell

Other songs: (not released) only performed live

Hard And Fast

Teenage Suicide

Bringer Of Evil

Sweet Revenge

Man Of Deceit

Child Of War


We Shall Reign

Fire And The Fury

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