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Laz since childhood wanted to be an actor. He remembers how at an early age entertained the home, presenting various fairy-tale characters and parodying the relatives and friends of the family.

Alonso graduated from the prestigious Howard University School of Business, received a bachelor`s degree in marketing,while engaged in investment banking and eventually opened his own business, promoting popular products. And when a successful business had given him a certain amount of free time, Laz realized that desire has not gone to play. First, marketing began to study acting in their spare time ,and then I began to receive invitations in commercials and music videos (with his participation lifted the famous beer advertising rollers `Budweiser`,` Wassup`, for shooting in which the actor received

` Emmi`. Moreover, Laz Alonso appeared in the music video of Tony Braxton `Hit the Freeway`, as well as ` Miss You` singer Aaliyah).

Soon Laz moved from Washington to New York ;He says the actor, it was not only an important step in his acting career, but also a step towards manhood and understanding of the entire business life. Acre addition, Alonso said that they gained to top acting career experience allows him to be a little bit aware of the matter, whatever role he was playing.

Laz - starwhich is already high in the cast rose to the horizon, and continues to rise. Among the television projects in which he was shot, on a permanent basis or in a separate series of such series as ` ` Providens` and Praktika`, `C.S.I. : Mayami` and` U. S. Attorney`, ` ` Without Kosti` and sleda` and many others. al.

In the movie, actor first appeared in 1997,then in his filmography includes Tridtsatiletnie` ` and` Back to Zemlyu` (both film 2001), ` Constantine : Lord of tmy` and` Morpehi` (both 2005), ` ` The Fellowship tantsa` and Pohischenie` (in this psychological thriller Laz starred, both film 2007). In 2009, the actor was busy in the 6 projectsone of which - the eagerly awaited ` Avatar` Cameron (Laz played it a leading role)

. This schedule Alonso has painted up to 2011.

When Laz not busy filming, he spends time with his other passion - music. Alonso 7 years learning to play the piano and now uses his knowledge to compose music. And another interesting fact : Laz Alonso bilingual - he odes

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Laz Alonso picture
Laz Alonso photo
Laz Alonso image
Laz Alonso pic
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Laz Alonso picture
Laz Alonso picture
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