Lawrence Gonzi

Picture of Lawrence Gonzi

Date of Birth: 07/04/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Valletta

Citizenship: Malta


Lawrence Gonzi - Maltese politician very hard kind. He holds the post of Prime Minister of Malta since 2004 and is a member of the Nationalist Party of Malta. Prime Minister`s post for the Republic of Malta is much more important than the president. So we can say that Lawrence Gonzi - not just a decorative figure of political life in Malta. He really influential politician who defines internal and external life of the country.

Career Lawrence Gonzi has evolved quite typical of the Maltese political figures. He was born July 1, 1953 in the capital of Valetta in Malta. Lawrence Gonzi is a member of an influential aristocratic clan and Malta accounted grandnephew of the famous Archbishop Michael Gonzi. As is well known to fans of history, in 1961, Michael Gonzi excommunicated from the communion of all the country`s Labour Party.

In Malta, which only in 1979 finally became an independent country, democracy is still in its infancy. Once in 1964, Malta has ceased to be a part of the British colonies, and in 1979 - the UK military base in the country were the two most influential parties. It is the party of the Nationalists and the Labour Party. In recent decades, the Nationalist Party dominated Parliament, so that we can say that this party ruled the country. For Malta nationalist issues are extremely relevant. Located between Sicily and Tunisia, Malta has long been an intermediate base for immigrants from Africa to Europe. Some immigrants were living in Malta. As a result, the Nationalist Party, which defends the interests of the indigenous Maltese, has become quite popular among the people.

Understand the African immigrants in their desire to settle down in Malta can. Malta -stable country with a stable economy. The Government of Malta leverages its position between Europe and Africa, and receives a basic income from tourism and shipbuilding. In Malta, to the point and easy to live in peace, that at times the main problems of electoral debates are the opening and closing dates of the hunting season. Quite interesting is the fact that being outspoken racist and intolerant towards people with black skin, Maltese easy to assimilate white-skinned population. In particular, the highest number of marriages concluded between Maltese and foreign women accounted for Russian citizens (51%). So in Malta a significant part of the population has not only Maltese and English, and Russian language.

One of the most stressful issues for calm Malta is the question of EU membership. Lawrence Gonzi is one of the most ardent supporters of union with Europe. It was during his staying of the post of the Prime Minister of Malta joined the European Union (2004). A January 1, 2008 to join the Eurozone. In the country there are many opponents of association with Europe, their interests expresses the Labour Party. Perhaps, in order to reconcile the warring parties to the parliament of the Republic of Malta in April 2009, he was elected president of the country representative of the Labour Party, George Abela.

Lawrence Ganz continues the policy of the Nationalist Party. As a member of the European Union for the sake of economic benefits (Malta imports a lot of goods), Malta continues nationalist foreign policy. For example, in April 2009, Malta has refused to accept the 150 rescued at sea Turkish illegal immigrants, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso was forced to put pressure on the Italian Government to the emigrants took Italy.