Lavrentyi Masoha

Picture of Lavrentyi Masoha

Date of Birth: 08/23/1909

Age: 61

Place of birth: Khreschatyk

Citizenship: Russia


He played a number of fascists "Tankers" films "Night over Belgrade", "On Thin Ice", "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and others.

Lawrence Masoha 16 years worked at the plant was the foundry pattern maker. But in 19 years, firmly decided to link their lives with the film and entered the directing department of the Kyiv Institute of Music and Drama named after Lysenko. He worked as an assistant director at the Kiev studio and simultaneously starred in the films "Komsomol" (Peter), "Karmelyuk" (Ivan), "The Italian" (miner), "Youth" (Bear).

At the same time he worked in the movie, his brother - Peter Masoha - Ukrainian star of silent cinema. On the eve of the war Peter Emelyanovich was repressed. Perhaps because of this, his brother later and had the not very favorable role.

The first notable work was the role of Lawrence Masohi Makara Lyagotina in "Big Life", and the first negative - in the anarchist "Shchors". Since then, he has become one of the most filmed movie stars. Sredinaibolee notable works: "Two Soldiers" (Okulita), "Private Alexander Matrosov" (Petrov), "The Battle of Stalingrad" (Glushchenko), "Taras Shevchenko" (Kostomarov), "Oleko Dundich" (the innkeeper), "They know only face "(username)," scouts "(Karloshi)," Heart Bonivur "(Burakovskiy)," Family Kotsyubinskoe "(Grushevskii)," Echoes of the past "(Victor M.).

Since the 50s Masoha lived in Moscow and worked in the studio theater of film actor.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1969).

In 1931 he graduated from the Kiev Institute of Music and Drama named Lysenko, worked as an assistant director of the Kiev studio. In 1932-1940 years - an actor Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko. He was an actor Theatre-studio movie actor in Moscow. Since 1957 - in the State of Gorky Film Studio.

Among the films:

HIGH LIFE (1939-46) - Makar Lyagotin

The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Once Again the Elusive Avengers (1971) - Emigrant