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Date of Birth: 05/22/1907

Age: 82

Place of birth: Dorking

Citizenship: United Kingdom

One greatest English-speaking actors

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier eleven times nominated for an Academy Award and was twice awarded her - as the best leading actor and best director. In addition, the actor was thrice awarded the `Golden globusom` twice - BAFTA Award and five times - Award `Emmi`, and the total number of awards it is approaching forty. Evaluation of the actor`s level always is subjective, but we can confidently assert that the status of a great actor Laurence earned in full.

Laurence Olivier is a distant descendant of the move to England French Huguenots, and for several generations of his family are engaged in ministry in the church. He was born May 22, 1907 in the English town of Dorking. Father Lawrence, a priest, Gerard Olivier, different harsh character, and the boy was attracted by his mother, Agnes Louise, nee Krukenden. Unfortunately, the mother died in 1920, leaving orphaned three children: Lawrence and his sister and brother, and Sybil Gerard. The first time the future great actor appeared on stage at age 9, playing Brutus in a school production of `Julius Tsezarya`, and at the same time praised his game well-known actress Ellen Terry. In 13 years, Larry Olivier went to study at Oxford St. school. Edward. During the theater festival it in the best tradition of Shakespeare`s time to play Katarina in a school production of The Taming of the `stroptivoy` and Puck in A Midsummer Dream` noch`. Advances son persuaded Olivier Sr. that his son should become an actor.

In 1924, Lawrence entered the London Central School of Dramatic Art and oratory, and after it was admitted to the troupe `Repertory` in Birmingham. One year later, he became a leading actor, playing the role of Hamlet and Macbeth. In 1930, Laurence Olivier married the aspiring actress Jill Esmond. In 1930 they had a son Tarquin. In the same year, Oliver first appeared on the silver screen. He played a small role in the film Peter Bill `Temporary vdova`, and then the main character in the movie` Yellow bilet`. At the same time the actor is not too serious about filming, considering the main business of your life stage where shone in roles of Shakespeare`s characters. During the presentation of `Romeo and Dzhuletty` he met a young actress Vivien Leigh, and promised to come to the show` Mask dobrodeteli` with her participation. This was the beginning of their friendship and collaboration of Olivier and Leigh in the film `Flame over Angliey` (1937) led to the beginning of the turbulent love relationship between them. At the theater `Old Vik` Laurence Olivier staged several performances with the participation of Vivien Leigh, including` Gamleta`, where she got the role of Ophelia. Actress at the time also was married, and she grew up the daughter of Suzanne, so that the divorce procedures have become quite painful for lovers. Laurence Olivier until the end of days maintained a good relationship with his first wife and son.

In 1939, Olivier and Leigh went overseas. Olivier took part in the Broadway production of `No Time for komedii` and also starred in `Wuthering pereval` and Vivienne successfully auditioned for the lead role in` Gone vetrom`. After World War II, Laurence Olivier entered the service in the Air Force. He was trained and was promoted to lieutenant, but sorties never committed; Moreover, in agreement with the command, the actor went on to take part in theatrical performances.

In 1940, Leigh and Olivier were finally able to legalize their relationship, having celebrated a modest wedding almost without witnesses. However, their family life was not exactly happy. Filming in `Gone vetrom` harassed Vivian, and she began to appear frequently strange behavior, which later became manic depression. In turn, Lawrence did not think his wife a great actress, and painfully reacted to her international recognition and received awards. However, they starred in the famous film `Lady Gamilton` (1940), which was a huge success in many countries, including the Soviet Union. At the same time, their joint Broadway production `Romeo and Dzhuletty` has failed. Situatsiyausugubilas and the fact that in 1943 at the Vivian was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. After that, the actress fell into a severe depression, and do not always behave appropriately. Marriage Vivien and Larry lasted until 1960, and the novel Olivier with a young actress Joan Plowright started three years earlier. In 1961, Olivier and Plowright had a son, Richard Kerr, then two daughters - Tamsin and Julie-Kate.

The highest achievements of art Laurence Olivier were two `Oskara`, which he received in 1948 as a leading actor and director of the film` Gamlet`; This film was also awarded `Golden globus`. In the early sixties, founded by Olivier National Theatre, whose director he had been for many years. In 1947, the actor was awarded a knighthood in 1970, he was elevated to the peerage of England, and in 1980 the first of the actors was awarded `For zaslugi`. The last role played by Laurence Olivier in the film, was the role of the old soldier in the film `rekviem` War (1989). July 11, 1989 a great actor died.

His ashes buried in the Poets` Corner of Westminster Abbey. Last film starring Laurence Olivier `Sky Captain and the World buduschego`, was released in 2004. In him the image of the villain Dr. Tottenkopfa was created based on computer reconstruction of frames with a young Laurence Olivier.

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