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Citizenship : United StatesFashion clothes from his brother and sister Moshi

Alliance Michael and Lauren Moshi spawned one of the most interesting contemporary fashion companies; accessible, practical and incredibly stylish clothing from `Lauren Moshi` satisfy the most exacting taste and help to create a harmonious and a lot of interesting images. Michael (Michael Moshi) and Lauren Moshi (Lauren Moshi) have always had a certain weakness for beautiful, graceful things ; it is the desire to create things themselves and spodviglo brother and sister to create their own apparel company. The main source of inspiration for Michael and Lauren have become high fashion and fine art. `Lauren Moshi` nice for its unique works of art of fashion ; the special charm of their work gives them rare - each model offered to the public, it is made in a very, very limited quantities. Each mark, each line on each of the brothers and sisters creations done manually - the very forces Lauren ; This, by the way ,to some extent explains the apparently limited production. However, for the low productivity of designers are paying the highest quality and incredible beauty - each work `Lauren Moshi` a work of art in itself. Perhaps to fully appreciate the work of these can not all ;first of all designers are guided by those who - like his own - has a weakness for crisp detail and sophisticated design solutions.

Of course, the masters of the company do not go head first into ` chistyy` design for design - do not forget to ` Lauren Moshi` and functionality of the products.only the best fabrics are used to ensure the maximum level of comfort ; These fabrics are made of the broadest range of many different items of clothing. Hoodies, tops, sweaters, dresses and cardigans - virtually anything you can imagine, the company `Lauren Moshi` manufactures and modern fashion market. `Lauren Moshi` - not the only project of Michael and Lauren ; in parallel with the main project of the brother and sister run by another company - `Michael Lauren`. In many ways, this clothing company recognized supplement clothes `Lauren Moshi`; however, this entity ` bratskogo` project did not end there. The label was created in orderto become a ` perfect base for any oblika`. If desired, the clothes of `Michael Lauren` well and can be worn by itself ; however, and in combination with `Lauren Moshi` she works more than adequately - both projects with their styles of organically shade and complement each other, forming a single stylish look. Like `Lauren Moshi`,`Michael Lauren` rightly proud of the high quality of products offered ; ensure that quality is achieved from the earliest stages of work, choice of fabrics and other raw materials. Of course, quality control is not stopped and then - cutting,manufacturing and garment finishing are conducted at the highest level and provide unsurpassed levels of results. Such a rigorous approach to the manufacture of garments in theory should make garments extremely expensive ; `Michael Lauren`, fortunately, it is quite limiting bypassed ; Clothing from this brand, despite its luxury and elitism ,decorated quite affordable to the average customer price tag. Not even the very rich fashionistas may be able to collect himself a full wardrobe of clothes he liked the brand.

Additionally, the task easier style brand format - proposed outfits are extremely ` gibki` visually and easily combined with each other ,and from ` storonnimi` clothes, forming a rather interesting and harmonious combination. Encouraging craving for experimentation and a desire to create new clothing ensembles, Michael and Lauren Moshi provide all necessary resources to ensure the highest quality of each individual element.

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