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Date of Birth: 08/02/1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


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The famous last name

Laura Keosayan - a representative of a very well-known names in the cinema world. Her grandfather - Edmond Keosayan famous as a director, taking off in the 60`s cult film "Elusive Avengers". Grandmother Laura Gevorgyan starred in many movies in the 70s - 80s ( "Somewhere oriole crying ..." and others.). Uncle Tigran Keosayan - a famous film director and actor. He put the picture: "Hare over the abyss", "Mirage", "Silver Lily of the Valley", "Poor Sasha" and others, acted in some of his tapes, as well as in the films of other directors. Father David Keosayan - filmmaker, who directed the brilliant melodrama "Three polugratsii" and "Mistress."

As a young man, David Keosayan, who lives in Moscow, regularly came to his mother and relatives in a small home in Yerevan. With Anaid he had known since childhood. Their families have long been friends. And then one of these visits between young people ran nedetskiy spark. They realized that one can not be without each other. Relatives on both sides did not interfere with their alliance and began to prepare for next year`s wedding. But David did not want to wait, and in front of everyone stole his favorite. Here`s a romantic story ...

Soon David and Anaida were married. Anaida - artist by training, left the profession and devoted herself to family and children. First born Laura, and five years later her brother Edmond, named in honor of his grandfather.


Laura grew active child, but Skoda. Her upbringing very seriously engaged grandfather. For the little Laura`s his word was always law. Edmond Keosayan not only granddaughter surrounded with love and care, but also for the first time brought her to the set. Laura was only five years old when he instructed her cameo role in his painting "The Ascension." For Edmond Keosayan it was a special job. At the time, his parents were forced to flee from genocide, fleeing from Siberia. And in an autobiographical film "Ascension" he told it about that village, where he lived with his mother, two brothers and Nura Baba ... However, little Laura did not realize the importance and depth of his grandfather`s creation. And the shooting she felt more like a game.

Then it was a few years spent in India, where Laura`s father represented "Soveksportfilm". According to the actress, stay in this exotic country, influenced later naee character and outlook.

In 13 years, Laura Keosayan appeared in the music video "Violin-fox" for the song Igor Sarukhanov who shot her uncle Tigran Keosayan. The plot was a very difficult and dramatic, the expulsion of Jews from Poland, genocide. Laura entrusted to fulfill the role of a Jewish girl. It was then that she realized that the acting profession - is hard work. Laura Keosayan recalls: "The shooting took place in Odessa, a large crowd scene, cold has been involved, in addition, to simulate rain us out hose poured cold water. I remember how I was exhausted after a day of shooting, crawled into a hotel and fell on the bed and thought: "Never! I never will not be an actress! The poor, they are as they plow and get a penny. " I was very afraid to draw Tigran, terribly worried, suddenly I`m not fit ?! Will always be remembered as the end of the filming all had gone, we were left only with Tigran, he stands, picks foot bridge and painfully silent. I think, well, everything, I did not meet his expectations. And suddenly, after a long pause, Tigran says: "You know, if you want, you will become a very good actress." For me it was the best compliment! "

Choosing a profession

The girl from this family was a priori to be an actress. However, Laura initially chose a different path. While in high school, she just did not see myself in this profession, and thought about becoming an economist. This was facilitated by the fact that Laura is a good student, did not deliver a hassle, not to mention her father and uncle in his youth. The head teacher of the school, remembers their tricks, even as I noticed Laura: "They were the bullies, I hope you`re not daddy ?!".

After school, Laura successfully entered the MGIMO, but quickly bored by numbers. The farther away, the more she began to think about an acting career, and at some point I realized that if you do not try to enter the theater school, then later never imagine it`s not just ...

Laura was 22 years old when she graduated from MGIMO and filed documents in all theatrical high schools of the capital. In the morning she defended a diploma in MGIMO, and then ran to the audition. Most Laura wanted to get to the Theater School. Schukin Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov`s course. She thought that expression in communication, on the approach to people, he is very similar to his grandfather. And the girl did it! It was adopted.

My mother was aware of her daughter solutions, but the father was shocked by her actions. Laura Keosayan said that he was very long it did not speak at all: "... he is not a tyrant. Just very worried for me, knowing that my willful and independent character it will be very difficult to be in a profession in which there is no room for pride. " Later, his father resigned to the fact that she has found her calling, and was very proud of the successes of the daughter.

Study. The first role

Being a student at the Shchukin School Keosayan Laura began to actively act in films. First of all, in the paintings of his father and uncle. In David Keosayan she played a secretary Christine in the melodrama "lover" and a cameo role in the melodrama "Three polugratsii". In Tigran Keosayan starred in a TV series "Lily Silver-2" (uchetchitsa). In addition, Laura Keosayan starred as George in the series Asi Nikolaenko "Code of Honor 2" and Marina in the crime series "Turkish March" (a series of "Triad").

The first major success of Laura Keosayan occurred in 2007-2008. The detective drama "Love on a knife edge," she starred Laura Sarkisova and 8-serial melodrama "Gypsy Girl with the release of" appears as a gypsy Ligita. About his work in "Gypsy Girl with the release of" Laura Keosayan he recalls: "It was difficult to hold. More precisely hold at a certain level, the role of dancing with the characteristic gypsy pieces, never relax. Why hide when filming the series at some point comes the automatism, and it negatively affects the work. Luckily I had a very well spelled out the role of a remarkable writer Ivan Zahava ".

The series turned out fabulously with one hand-touching, and on the other - saturated serious passions, and that led to his success with the audience. Laura Keosayan, which played so vividly, "Gypsy" was called for a long time. But first her uncle Tigran was unhappy choice niece. "Have you studied at the Pike, which would play a gypsy?" - He was indignant. But after the end of the series he is the first and called her and asked, "Hey, what`s next?". And such was his uncle`s interest for Laura the best praise. He praised the work of Laura and her other relatives who, according to her, are the most stringent viewers for her.

In the same 2008 Laura Keosayan starred as singer Julia melodrama Elena Nikolaeva "Do not deny him love," which gained the most enthusiastic response of spectators.


In 2008, Laura Keosayan graduated from the WTU behalf BV Shchukin and in the same year was admitted to the troupe of Vakhtangov Theater. One of the first of her work on the stage was the role of Olga Ivanovna directed by Vladimir Ivanov "Locust". In 2008 the play was made into a movie.

Within the walls of the Theater. Vahtankova Keosayan Laura has also been busy in the performances of "True legend of one quarter" (Dolores Engracia Ramirez) and "Chasing Two Hares" (Natalka) in the plastic compositions of the songs of Marlene Dietrich "Women`s Coast" (Widow).

In addition, Laura Keosayan played the role of Bok in the musical "Carlson", produced by Gerard Vasilyev`s Fund and the Academy of children`s musical.

Movie. 2010-12 years

It is very rewarding for Laura Keosayan began in 2010. The actress starred in several films and television series, including "Moscow. Central District 3 "(Armine)," the only man "(Leroy)," Faith, Hope, and Love "(Nelly, daughter Zoe)," Varenka. And in sorrow and in joy "(Zara). And in the TV series "The fate of the mysterious tomorrow," the actress once again try on the image of a gypsy - her heroine was clairvoyant Laci.

In 2012, on the screens of the country came the series "Sklifosovsky", which tells about the everyday life of the workers of the famous Moscow hospital. In this project, Laura Keosayan performed one of the main roles - an anesthesiologist Emma Lusparyan.


1988 Ascension

2004 Lily of the valley silvery-2 - TV series

2004 Code of Honor 2 - series

2005 Commercial Break

2005 Mistress

2006 Three polugratsii

Turkish March 2007 (Season 4) - series

2007 Love on a knife edge

2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -1 - series

2008 Gypsy Girl with a yield

2008 renounce loving ...

2008 Mirage

2008 Girl

2008 Locust - photoplay

2010 Destiny mysterious tomorrow

2010 Moscow. Central District 3 - series

2010 The only man

2010 Faith, Hope, Love

2010 Varvara. And in sorrow and in joy

2011 Sea Devils - 5 - series

2012 Sklifosovsky (Season 1) - series

2012 Sklifosovsky (Season 2) - series

2012 Latest Romans

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