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Date of Birth: 09/22/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Toronto

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Vandervoort was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). As a child, she is actively engaged by several sports - football, karate, basketball, tennis, baseball and gymnastics. Especially good were given to Laura Karate - began to engage in 7 years to 16 years, it has received a black belt second degree.

After several acting classes and a number of roles in the Canadian vtoroplanovyh projects like `Road to Eyvonli` (` Road to Avonlea`) and `Spy Herriet` (` Harriet the Spy`), she got her first role with the words in the children`s television series ` Murashki` ( `Goosebumps`) and` afraid temnoty` litas ( `Are You afraid of the Dark?`).

After a series of commercials and television series in various episodes like `Mutants Iks` (` Mutant X`), `Queen vypusknogo` (` Prom Queen`), `Twice a zhizni` (` Twice in a Lifetime`), `Doktor` ( `Doc`),` Sue Thomas: Sharp glaz` ( `Sue Thomas: FBEye`),` Restless vody` ( `Troubled Waters`) and` Domestic Drezdena` ( `The Dresden Files`), as well as the Disney television movies have` moms date with vampirom` ( `Mom`s got a date with a Vampire`) and` Accurate brosok` ( `Alley Cats Strike`), Laura finally got really big role.

TV Series `Supernova zvezda` stayed in the broadcasting schedule of four seasons; all the while Vandervoort played the main character, Sadie Harrison.

In 2006, Laura starred in the first feature film; with her in the movie `Obman` (` The Lookout`) shone Jeff Daniels (Jeff Daniels), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Matthew Goode (Matthew Goode) and Isla Fisher (Isla Fisher). After a number of TV series Vandervoort played Kara Kent (future Supergirl) in the TV series `Secrets Smollvillya`. In the seventh season of the show has played Laura on a permanent basis; later on it once back in the eighth season and once in the tenth.

After `Secrets Smollvillya` Vandervoort got the role in the sequel to the picture `Welcome to Paradise` ( `Into The Blue`) -` Welcome to paradise 2` ( `Into the Blue 2: The Reef`)!. Following was an independent project Dzhazmen` `(` The Jazzman`) - in which, incidentally, played a Canadian actor Michael Ironside (Michael Ironside), who had to be lighted before the second miniseries `V` and in the original project of 1984, and Corey Sevier ( Corey Sevier). The most Vandervoort had a chance to play one of the newcomers in the remake of the classic TV series `V`, released in 2009.

In 2010, Laura starred in the miniseries `Gods River world` (` Riverworld`).

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