Laura Bullion

Picture of Laura Bullion

Date of Birth: 1876

Age: 85

Place of birth: Knickerbocker

Citizenship: United States

American Sonka Golden Hand times of the Wild West

Bullion Laura (Laura Bullion) - an American criminal, which operated in the Wild West. In 1890 Laura was a part of the Wild gang (Wild Bunch) Butch Cassidy (Butch Cassidy), her companions were other famous criminals, including the Sundance Kid (Sundance Kid), Tom Ketchum (Tom Ketchum), nicknamed Black Jack and Kid Curry (Kid Curry). For several years the relationship associated with Laura bandit named Ben Kilpatrick (Ben Kilpatrick), hunted robbery of trains and banks. In 1901 Bullion was sentenced to five years in prison for taking part in the robbery of trains on the Great Northern Railway (Great Northern Railway). After serving his sentence of three and a half years, she was set free in 1905.

Laura Bullion was born in October 1876 in Knickerbocker, Texas (Knickerbocker, Texas). The exact date of her birth is unknown, perhaps it was October 4th. Other sources claim that she was born in Kentucky (Kentucky) in 1873, or on a farm in Arkansas (Arkansas), but almost everyone agrees that increased Bullion in Texas. Her mother was German, and his father - Native American, and also had a habit of living outside the law. He took acquaintance with William Carver (William Carver) and Ben Kilpatrick and daughter introduced them when she was about 13 years old. In 1891, her aunt was married to Carver, but died shortly after the wedding of a fever. At 15-year-old began Bullion him a novel, but Carver also maintained a relationship with Josie Bassett (Josie Bassett), her older sister Ann Bassett (Ann Bassett), girlfriend of Butch Cassidy.

Until she was 16 or 17 years, Bullion has worked as a prostitute, and then from time to time back to this unenviable occupation, laboring primarily in a brothel of some Madame Fanny Porter (Fannie Porter) in San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas ), often served as a refuge gang. In the report on her arrest in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis, Missouri), 1901 states that she was engaged in prostitution.

When Bullion twisted with Carver, he `rabotal` with a gang of Tom Ketchum, and Laura wanted to join him. However, he at first did not allow her to enter into a gang, and they saw each other only in the intervals between robberies. Having escaped from the lawyers in Utah (Utah), Carver joined the Wild gang, whose members are called `Laura Della Rouz` (Della Rose) or` Wild Rose bandy`. When Laura and her partner Ben Kilpatrick fled eastward after the robbery of the train in 1901, they traveled under the names Mr and Mrs Arnold Benjamin (Benjamin Arnold).

Romance with Kilpatrick Laura began in the early 1890s, after Carver left her for a prostitute named Lillie Davis (Lillie Davis). When the gang robbed a train Bullion accomplices helped by selling stolen items and finding suppliers for their weapons, food and horses. By 1901 Bullion again contacted Carver and met with other members of the gang, but in April 1901 killed Carver and Laura returned to Kilpatrick, which ran in Knoxville, Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee). There they lived for a few months, but on 6 November Bullion was arrested on charges of forging signatures on banknotes in St. Louis and found her 8500 dollars stolen during the last train robbery. Cherezmesyats arrested and Kilpatrick, but if Bullion received 5 years in prison, that Kilpatrick was sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which he served half. All this time they were copied, but the time Kilpatrick was released, she had a relationship with at least four other men. After he left, they had not seen, and in March 1912, Kilpatrick was shot during a robbery of the new trains. By this time, all members of the Savage gang were either dead, or were in prison, or after serving the punishment, do something new.

In 1918, Laura moved to Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis, Tennessee), where she lived under false names, pretending to be the widow of the military and to slow myself ten years of age. She earned a living by renting the room, was a seamstress, dressmaker, and even an interior designer. By the end of 40-ies of her case it fell into disrepair.

Laura Bullion died of heart disease Dec. 2, 1961, at the age of 85 years, the hospital Shelby County Hospital in Memphis and was buried in the local cemetery as Frida Bullion Lincoln (Freda Bullion Lincoln).