Laslo Garai

Picture of Laslo Garai

Date of Birth: 08/29/1938

Age: 78

Citizenship: Hungary


His diploma psychologist and philosopher Laszlo Garai received (1959) at the Faculty of Literature of the Budapest University. Roland Eotvos. Kand. dissertation (1968) on the specifically human basic needs (Dynamic personality and obschestvannoe Existence, AkademIzdat). Khim .. dissertation (1988) on social identity and the paradoxes of her mental processing (Essay on social identity, the Hungarian Central Library).

L. Garai Wife: Margit Kechko, PhD. Psychological Sciences (former graduate student Leontiev).

After teaching theoretical psychology at Moscow State University (1969), social psychology at the University of Nice (France, from 1981) and Economic Psychology at the State University of California (USA, 1990) L. Garay returned to Hungary, where he created Department of economic psychology at the University of Szeged (formerly:.. Univ them Iozhef Attila), in charge of one of the Department (1997-2000) and the Doctoral school of the Faculty of Economics (1997-2005), he created the same.

His career began in Laszlo Garai Hung. Akademizdate as the editor of the Encyclopedia Sector (1959-1961). After aspirarantury (1961-1964), during which he became issledovant chelovacheskie specific needs [1], he became a Fellow Inst. philosophy VAN (1964-1971), he completed gle is its first study. Keldysh invited as part of the grant to the Institute of the History of Science and Technology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where he conducted research at the Department of Scientific Discoveries (1969-1970).

The Institute of Psychology WANG he created (in 1970, city) Sector personality psychology, to-ing under his superintendence (up to 1979) became Hungary`s first research center on economic psychology and the Center vygotskianskih theoretical investigations. He has worked in social psychology (Paris, 1971st, 1973rd and 1977th year) of the European laboratory. Consisted (1991-1994) a member of the Advisory Board of the Minister of Finance. Supervised (1994-2005) work on economic psychology, supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund.