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Date of Birth: 03/17/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Uendsvort

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Lesley-Anne Down (Lesley-Anne Down, 17.03.1954) - British actress, best known for roles Georgina Worsley in the series `Up and down the lestnitse` (` Upstairs, Downstairs`), Olivia Blake in the soap drama of the NBC channel `Sanset- Bich` ( `Sunset Beach`) and Madeleine Fabre Lamotte Maine in the North and yug`` ( `North and South`). C March 2003 Lesley-Anne Payne plays Jacqueline Meroun channel in the soap opera The Bold and the CBS `krasivye` (` The Bold and the Beautiful`).

Born Down near Uendsvort in London, England. His acting and modeling career he began as early as the teenage years; at the same time she won several major beauty contests. At fifteen, she was chosen the most beautiful teenager `Velikobritanii`.

After ten years of relationship with actor and writer Bruce Robinson Dawn married Enrique Gabriel in the 1980th; however, their marriage broke up after a year and a half. Second husband, Leslie-Ann was a film director William Friedkin; the actress has lived with him for three years and has got one son. Third husband Don Fauntleroy, she met on the set of the miniseries` North and yug` in 1985th. After a while they realized that perfectly fit together; This, of course, destroyed marriages and Dawn Friedkin and Fauntleroy and Susan Dakat. There followed lengthy court proceedings; they dragged on for two years and the cost Down Fauntleroy and a total of about one million dollars each. In 1998 it was they had a son, George Edward.

Leslie started acting career with a role-Anne Georgina Worsley in the popular British TV series `Up and down the lestnitse`. Followed by roles in films such as` The Pink Panther Strikes Back udar` ( `The Pink Panther Strikes Again`),` A little music nochyu` ( `A Little Night Music`) and` Hanover strit` ( `Hanover Street`) to Harrison Ford. Lesley-Anne had a chance to play with such venerable actors like Laurence Olivier, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Donald Sutherland. In general, the actress best known for his roles in television series and miniseries. The most recent of her role a serial - Jacqueline Payne Meroun in the soap opera The Bold and the `krasivye`; in parallel with the actress managed to appear in several television movies.

In 1978, Leslie-Anne received the British Film Award `Evening-Standart` as `the most promising aktrisa`. In 1986 she was nominated for `Golden Globus` and in 2005. - received the award `Rose d`Or` as` the best actress for her role as soap oper` Jacqueline Meroun.

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