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Date of Birth: 04/29/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Tatiana Novitchinskaya

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Larisa Udovichenko was born April 29, 1955 in Vienna, where his father served as a military doctor. Mom future actress graduated Leningpadcky Institute of theater, music and film, but due to hectic profession actress wife did not. Daughters is she a child tried to instill a love for the theater and contributed to the fact that she went to the actress.

As a child, Larisa Udovichenko had two hobbies: sports, is seriously engaged in gymnastics and theater. But the theater has prevailed. In grade 9, she entered into a popular film actor studio created at the Odessa film studio. It was then noticed her and director Alexander Pavlovsky, and invited the lead role of schoolgirl Lyudmilochka in his film "Happy Kukushkin." Since the debut of the now well-known actress.

Tenth Larisa Udovichenko starred in another film - "Julia" - though in the episode. A year later went to Moscow to conquer all at once theatrical school. Received VGIK on course to Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. And the role again! In the film, his teachers "Mothers and Daughters", she performed the first serious role played by contemporary, selfish girl from an educated family - Galya.

The role - opening

Larisa Udovichenko film venue change nelzyaBlistatelno played the role of Manka-bond in the television series "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", directed by Stanislav Govorukhin, opened in actress Distinguishing uncommon talent, which, however, did not prevent directors continue to offer her the role of thoughtless damsels. In an instant, the actress has become one of the most popular. Unfortunately, this is certainly creative, good luck, as the role of Zinaida in the film "Valentine", falls infrequently.

Dramatic talent actress playwright and director A.Vampilov G.Panfilov allowed to turn in the role in the TV series Akhmatova Versilov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky "Teenager", and the role of the provincial Aloetic actress in the film "Success". Every year, Larisa Udovichenko was shot in three-four films: "Shot in the back", "People in the ocean," "Facts of the last day," "Inspector Losev," "Mary Poppins, Goodbye". Of course, the quality of most films with the actress left much to be desired, but it did not refuse the proposals, believing that their professional duties should be carried out always and everywhere.

The Board has benefited ...

The irresistible femininity Larisa Udovichenko many directors perceived as a weakness. And often she, for some reason, offered a negative role. But she managed to play them, correcting their own way, while adding nothing to the text without changing the plot moves, subtly introducing into the character of the heroine personality.

Once actress Teacher - Sergey Gerasimov Apollinarevich - taught her to play the flirtatious Frenchwoman in the TV movie "Red and Black". He said: "You, Larisa, should depict a certain bird. She flits from branch to branch. Then suddenly she sits down, lay down their wings, like freeze, and so innocent eyes looking around. Every woman has their own little secrets, how to keep a distance with the men, and even life itself. "

We see this advice was correct perceived ... Heroines Actress Larisa Udovichenko live concrete and familiar to all life, while managing to find the joy and light in everyday life.


The actress was clearly shown talent and comedy, which is brilliantly realized in Vinogradova roles in "The most charming and attractive" Lyali in "good sit", a telephone in the "Hitchhiker". At the junction of drama and comedy played: Tatiana in "Children of a bitch," Marcella in "Wandering Stars" Anna "Woman for All", Elmira in "Tartuffe", Lyudmila, in the movie "What a wonderful game." In principle, and consistently actress, refusing scenes of violence and cruelty, charming adventurers played in the comedy "Bride of Miami", directed by A. Eyramdzhana "dunes and his bodyguard," directed by V. Lansky.

The domestic comedy "Shub-Baba Luda", directed by Maxim Voronkov in 2010, was a pleasant surprise. For a long time we did not have pictures of this genre, and even more dedicated zhityu bytyu-school students and teachers. Star of Russian cinema in the film got the role of a teacher who falls in love with ... my grandfather`s own student, his grandfather plays Victor Stepanov. The film turned out not so good as a public scenes of violence and sex. This movie is filmed for everyone: for students and parents, and grandparents. I want to believe that the tape, after which life seems not so gloomy, can entertain and captivate audiences. In the credits pattern appears ... Maria Udovychenko debut daughter`s mother and actress is not happy daughter seemed certain sandwiched, although happy to admire the fruit of a collaborative effort.

An ence of private investigation

Larisa Udovichenko film Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private syskaS Larisa Udovichenko participation in the series "Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation "on the novels Darya Series started a new wave of interest in her work. To all detective and crime series in today`s audience relationship is cool, but the fact that the actress is not scared.

"The series is the series alike. There are certainly cheaper bandit, which is celebrated dirt and where the hero is a criminal, - the movie star. - But there is another life - the lives of millions of people, like me, you are our friends. And my character - from these millions. Firstly, it is intelligent, it has nice. Secondly, it manages to honorably get out of different situations. We sometimes close my eyes and dream: "Oh, that would be found, that would be found, that would win ..." But we do not attach any importance to these dreams, and my character had fallen wealth. Dream come true. But it did not spoil it. "

After three years of exhausting filming the series about Dasha Vasilyeva, which impact on health, the actress took a timeout, rushed to gather strength resort, although there were suggestions to appear ...

Dreams ...

Actress dreams. Dreams, like everyone else is. He wants to stay in Nikita Mikhalkov. A couple of times the actress was very close to her. For example, he participated in the sound of his painting "Urga".

And still - to play in a big and serious film about love. Although, nothing to complain about the lack of roles and beautiful male partners in the movie. Who just did not like the actress on the screen! And Mikhail Boyarsky, and Sergei Shakurov and Nikita Dzhigurda, and Nikolai Eremenko, and Victor Stepanov. In short, as an actress and as a woman, Larisa Udovichenko without love does not think of himself.


As an actress, Larissa Udovichenko, in the movie took place! .. It can not be forgotten even its occasional role. Suddenly debut: the actress came out to the stage, having carried out his dream.

"I am mature enough to try to make the first step on the stage. Theatre actors, acting in a movie, feel on the set, like a fish in water, and is excellent there are floating, and get all the prizes and awards, and at the same time, all in one voice say: "No, the theater all the same - it`s much more interesting ! "And I was thinking all the time: why it interesting that for such magic - theater"?

Larisa Udovichenko many times offered to go to any antrepriznyh projects, as they say now. But if not satisfied with the proposed play, or as if afraid that this will not work initially, - in general, I refused. And when called Vitaly Solomin in play "Sirena and Victoria", felt that in the maelstrom, you can rush to your head and do not drown: pull out your hair. And throw some reason, did not hesitate, did not regret ...


Family actress today - it`s ... "as before, I and my daughter Masha - the main joy. it does not go ... The actresses. Let engaged in the case, to which the heart is. "

Larisa Udovichenko divorced her husband - businessman Gennady, the father of her daughter. Gennady was the first pianist, then received a second economic education and went into business. According to rumors, he loved the entertainment, the casino lost and once lost at roulette almost all of the family fortune. Scandals ended Udovychenko decision to get a divorce, and that after nearly 20 years of marriage.

Larisa Udovichenko - wholly woman: cat`s grace, capricious manner peculiar drawl, delicate girlish waist. As a true woman, she loves champagne, famously drives a car, expensive and elegant dresses. And the traditional question about the secret of his youth honestly replies that "holds itself in the hands" in order to be marketable.

The holiday goes to the sea: loves passive recreation on the beach - no climber, does not like to walk the woods for mushrooms, fitness club does not attend, the nutritional themselves have absolutely no limits, he eats everything. However, not a sweet tooth, so the cakes are excluded. Beautiful figure, according to most actresses, not a good life, when you rest and eat only salads, loses weight due to overload.

And recently, actress dared to look younger: with the help of doctors she got rid of the age wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, made of skin resurfacing. It was the second experience with plastic surgeons, more successful than the previous one: with the experts one of the capital`s clinics Udovychenko had to sue after she took part in the campaign, along with Lyubov Polishchuk, Maya Plisetskaya, Larissa Golubkina.

All of our lives: the child, family, money, work ... Larisa Udovichenko of importance for itself defined as: the child, the family, work, money. And the man. Man in last place ... do not need a strong arm? It turns out - very independent and strong!

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