Larisa Oleynik

Picture of Larisa Oleynik

Date of Birth: 07/06/1981

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Santa Clara County

Citizenship: Russia


Larisa, or as it is known to friends in America, Riess, born July 7, 1981 in the American Santa Clara County, California. Her father Roman Oliynyk, a programmer by profession, once left the USSR to America. His mother - an American named Lorraine. Father began to be paid in hard currency, recorded the best daughter in the tennis club. In parallel, he taught her music, since the very early youth handed high hopes as a pianist.

Passion for acting Larissa caught while still a little girl when her aunt advised her to audition to participate in the musical "Les Miserables." In eight years, having little experience in school productions, Larisa received a wonderful opportunity for themselves - to play the young Cosette in the famous formulation in San Francisco. As she recalls, "it was great for the first large work, and that it gave me a taste for acting." Soon, Larissa began to take acting lessons. At the same time she has a agent that could "knock out" for her many samples.

Larisa diligently studied in a normal school, her favorite subject was always literature. At the same time she train hard on the court: five years devoted tennis, managed to win twice California championship schoolgirls. In the summer of 1995, she was casting young actresses to audition for the lead role in the TV series "The Secret World of Alex Mack". And although the contenders for the role was a half thousand, the main "prize" is won, it is said, thanks to its charming Slavic smile.

"The Secret World of Aleks Mac" became the highest rating a youth TV series in the US, and she Larisa Oleynik "Emmy" twice won the junior prize. It is clear that it was possible to forget after such success to return to court. The last time Larissa played a match in 15 years, and then put down the racket and to concentrate on an acting career. The show was broadcast four seasons, he looked more than 2.5 million people.

Olejnik debut in cinema was held in the comedy "The Club of nurses," where she played one of seven girlfriends who decided to open a summer camp for neighborhood kids, not to beg my parents money on wheels and ice cream. After the "Club of nurses" were still a number of very successful projects, such as "Ten things I hate about you" - an updated version of Shakespeare`s "The Taming of the Shrew." The play moved to the high school. Olejnik plays Bianca - younger sister Kate the Shrew. While Kat, in accordance with the plot, tame, Bianca literally torn between two young people, one in love with her, she loves herself another. The film was very successful indeed: according to critics, it was one of the best films of 1999.

Many can remember Larisa on its role in the exciting lesbian teen comedy "100 Girls".

"Time to Dance" - this is the first starring role of Larissa. With Shiri Epplbay she played one of the two heroines, for whom dance is life. All is good, but only one character Oleynik finds that cancer patients ... It was the first dramatic role of a young actress, and she hoped that it was a turning point in her career. Recent films with her participation - it`s not the lesser-known "American Rhapsody" and "Let there be rain". Career big star Larisa has just begun, and while our "compatriot" quite successfully took the start in the conquest of the world kinoolimpa. But that young talent says in an interview ...

Larisa, what do you think is the secret of your popularity?

- I guess that I`m a very open person and raskompleksovannymi. And no big secret there. But no, there is one: I know how to throw a leg over her head. Now it is no longer a secret!

Talk about your hobbies. What kind of music do you like listening to?

- Almost any, except for the country. Music in the style of the country - perhaps the only thing I can not stand. And most of all I like the alternative rock music.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

- Free time I like to spend with my friends, I love to go shopping, to the movies, read.

And what about the food? What food do you most like?

- Italian spaghetti. More like lemons and lollipops.

Sports like?

- I like football and volleyball, although neither one nor the other I do not particularly work.

What was your favorite subject in school?

- Of course, literature! I love it because it is very fond of reading. Perhaps my favorite book - "Of Mice and Men."

Who is your favorite actress?

- Claire Danes. She played awesome in the movie "So-Called Life"! She is an incredibly gifted actress, and it seems that she is also a very nice person, so I really admire her. I have it, however, have never met in real life. And if met, it probably would have fainted. I`m still very embarrassed in the presence of big stars ...

Do you like to appear in the series?

- Highly. Except for one detail: I have to get up every day at five in the morning. And beyond that, we have to set all the wonderful, because all the people I`m doing, I can call my friends.

There are some extraordinary things have you on the set?

- I sometimes forget the words. Sometimes members of the technical staff, so we have not forgotten their conversation, write them on pieces of paper, which are then attached clips to clothing other actors. Once I have attached a contraption and have forgotten to remove. So I spent the whole episode took place in front of her camera, and no one even noticed. Later, however, he had to retake all.

Do you watch movies or TV series with his participation?

- Yes, I often do it. I record all the series in which I appear, and, of course, I have all the movies with my participation. Sometimes people can not see myself on the screen, but I love to do it, because it`s so I can appreciate as I get, and to draw conclusions for the next time. When you see yourself on the screen, it`s a special feeling, great, but a little strange.

Long, thick hair - it`s your "corporate" style

- Most likely - yes, but the few times I wore a short haircut, and I really liked it. But kak-to time being cropped, I auditioned for the shooting in the movie "Club of nurses", and the heroine, a role which I got, was to have a very long blond hair. When I learned that I would play it, I began to grow them. But still I had to resort to using special extensions for hair. I heard that a sequel will be shot this film. So just in case I do not cut hair.

Do you love the holidays or vacation?

- Still would! When it was not necessary to go to school, it was my best days!

Who or what is now the most important thing in life?

- My friends, my family, my cat named Tiger. Friends for me, even more important than my career.

What would you like to do in the future?

- So far, I want to continue his acting career. I`m not sure if I would work in the profession received in college, but I would like it to be an actress. I really like to play, and I would like to achieve more in this area.