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Place of birth : Manchester, UK

Citizenship : United States


We are from Manchester, which is widely known for its strong and cohesive musical commune - seems Louise Rhodes (Louise Rhodes). - It is extremely musical and very creative city ". Singer and songwriter Louise Rhodes - is the female half of the electronic duo Lamb.

Men start embodies producer Andrew Barlow (Andrew Barlow), acting at the same time keyboardist, arranger and author of remixes. If Barlow duet called skeleton, the Rhodes - is its heart and soul. Andrew Barlow became interested in music (and specifically the rhythm) , even in the age of 9. Initially, interest was forced - he was instructed to knock the sticks on a drum in the school marching band. When he was a teenager in Philadelphia, got hip- hop (though just rap had never inspired) in the scope of his interests. Returning to the UK, Andrew intensely interested techno. In 1993, he arrived in Manchester, where he started to learn the profession of engineer. Soon he was offered a job in the studio, where he was able to put into practice their knowledge, to do arrangements and mixing records, but at the same time producing remixes with Manchester DJs.He even published a few of his own songs under the pseudonym Hipoptimist. Once in his room, the phone rang and an unfamiliar person in a rather strange shape offered to work together on some of my ideas of it.

So a singer Louise Rhodes in his life. Lu was born into a musical family ,Her mother sang folk and often took the girl with him to concerts and festivals, and eventually encouraged her independent performances on stage. But little folk singer fascinated the future, and the older she gets, the more the role of her life playing jazz and soul. Louise began to write the words and music, and then decided to meet with Andrew Barlow. In 1994, the electronic duo Lamb has become a reality. From colleagues in the genre it is distinguished by the ability to push cleverly contrasts, making it difficult Lamb music, intriguing, sometimes the caller. But the most daring duo step, their know -how has been the widespread use of vocals in the drum `n` Bass and techno.Newly-born duo almost in the very first days of the signed contract with the label Fontana, a division of Mercury. The first single, which they published January 1, 1996, was called "Cotton Wool". On the drive, in addition to the title track, it was presented two remix version made by the leaders of the movement of drum nbeyss Dzheralydom Simpsonom (Gerald Simpson) and Fila Brazillia. Composition "Cotton Wool" asked it magistralynoe direction poiskov Lamb - plotnaya dram -n- beyssovaya basis rastsvechennaya Bolshoi Lower melody. Vskore consistent further eshte Odin singles "Gold", and osenyyu 1996 Goda b

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