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The prototype of this team from Richmond (Virginia) existed since 1994. For several years, I changed the composition of the group and its name. The last sign, which has kept the story was "Burn The Priest".

The composition of the gang then consisted of vocalist Randy Blits, guitarist Mark Morton, bassist John Campbell, and drummer Chris Adler. This configuration has released one album and two split record with "Agents of Satan". At the end of 1999 to the team he joined bratelnik Chris, guitarist Willie Adler, and command the crosshairs to the "Lamb of God".

The band`s style has its roots in the work of such monsters as the "Slayer", "Pantera" and "Sepultura", and was a mix of death metal, thrash metal ,grind and nu- metal. Having signed a contract with "Prosthetic records" and with the support of Steve Austin producer ("Converge", "Today is the day", "Unsane"), the band went into the studio and recorded the ten tracks that have found the embodiment of the disc called "New American gospel".

Lamb of GodDlya indie metal album release was very successful ,and soon the songs from it sounded on the "MTV" and some other music channels. After the exit of the plate "Lamb of god" plunged into the depths of the tour, they suck more than two years. During this time, the band shared the stage with bands such as the "Cannibal Corpse", "Mushroomhead", "GWAR", "Six Feet Under", "Killswitch Engage","Shadows Fall", "Amen". The musicians performed at various venues like stadiums during festivals and small clubs.

In the autumn of 2002, the magazine "Revolver" turned on "New American gospel" in the list of the greatest metal albums of all time. However, rest on its laurels it was still early and we had to prepare new material ,which fans have long been waiting for. At this time the group has called to the aid of producer Devin Townsend ("Strapping young lad", "Soilwork", "Stuck Mojo"). In addition to the sessions as guests attended the former guitarist of "Megadeth" Chris Poland. Lamb of God do in this company`s album "As the palaces burn" continued precursor line and was a little pomelodichnee. Release drive was appointed in May 2003, and since April, "Lamb of God" vengeance traveled North America with such fellow travelers as the "Chimaira", "Eighteen visions" and "Atreyu".In autumn the band performed as part of the tour "Headbangers ball". Early next year, Virginians released to DVD light "Terror and Hubris", which was presented at the "MTV". At the same time "Prosthetic records" thrown on the shelves of a special limited vinyl edition of "As the palaces burn".

In the fall of 2004-th at the "Lamb of God" has been assigned two significant events - participate in the next " Ozzfest " and the new album with the working title "Ashes of the wake". The album recording was to take part again Chris Poland, as well as the expected emergence of a new guest - former guitarist "Testament" Alex Skolnick.

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