Laetitia Casta

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Date of birth: 11.05.1978

Age: 38

Place of Birth: Pont-Audemars

Citizenship: France

Atypical Letizia

Author: Alain Molodtsova

Website: Celebrities

And she, in fact, many things in life like something that`s not typical. Previously, other girls in the class, it was the "adult" - somehow quickly, as if by leaps and bounds, it has grown big, beautiful breasts, rounded ass. The boys from the excitement cracked at the seams pants, but still did not know what to do with this longing, they expressed their feelings in adolescence: bullied, teased Letizia. Especially the special beauty of it is not considered. Her teeth stuck out in all directions, the spring poured konopushki, and generally it was all so shy. But once it happened, "pure entertainment biznesovskoe" miracle.

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