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California group "Laaz rockit" was formed in 1982. The founders of the project was the vocalist Michael Coons and guitarist Aaron Dzhellum and finally beefed composition Phil Kettner (guitar) , Willy Lange (bass) and Victor Agnello (drums) . The first two years of his career spent in the team performance in the Californian clubs and recorded one demo, "Prelude to death".

In 1984-m "Laaz rockit" gained a contract with an independent firm "Target records" and debuted with her album "City`s gonna burn". Made in a style close to power metal, the plate is characterized by low quality and producing in the United States had not much success.

But it was noticed the Germans and later re-released "City`s gonna burn" for the European market. A similar story was repeated with a second disc, "No stranger to danger": lousy sound, low sales in the US and European licensing. The difference lay in the fact that at this time "Laaz rockit" personally went overseas and the spring of 1986 his concerts pretty pleased there the public.

Laaz rockitSituatsiyu spoiled drummer Agnello, Shortly before the "Dynamo open air" announced his retirement (he did not like the trend towards treshezatsii sound) . The concert had to be canceled, and the "Laaz rockit" have been looking for a new drummer. To suffer for some time without a drummer, the band still persuaded Victor to return to his seat. In the fall of 1986 the band recorded the album "Know your enemy",which is very close to thrash metal. The contract with the "Target" by that time had already been lost, so the team had to spend some time looking for another " roof ".

In the end, the team managed to attach his opus on the "Enigma records", and by the end of 1987, "Know your enemy" was published. According to many critics, this release has been recognized as the best in the discography of "Laaz rockit". The group held the European- American tour in company with "L.A. Guns" and "Exodus", and in 1988, still appeared on the "Dynamo open air".

Laaz rockit Despite the successful situation, after touring stated his desire to leave Willy Lange. True,he zheouchastvoval in fourth album, but after the sessions immediately departed. He was replaced by John Torres, whose bass sound on the disc "Nothing` $ $ acred". Incidentally, in the recording of this album was attended by two new recruits - guitarist Ken Sevich and drummer Dave Chavarri. "Enigma" was already time to go bankrupt ,therefore came to the plate "Roadracer". Despite the fact that "Nothing` $ $ acred" it was powerful enough and high quality, the situation remained tense in the team.

After the departure of Torres Sevicha and their places were taken by Sergeant Scott and Scott Dominguez. This configuration is left behind only one live album ,and even that was only released in Japan. In 1992, the sign "Laaz rockit" has disappeared from the horizon, and four-fifths of the latter composition came the following year under the name "Gack". After the release of the album, this project was dissolved.

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