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BiographyAlthough they are often considered to " siettlskomu movement " (of course, more because of the sound) female punk band " the L7 " it was actually based in Los Angeles. The team decided to organize two guitarist and vocalist Susie Gardner and Donita Sparks. Both previously played in various projects and have had some experience. Some time later, there was a part of bassist Jennifer Finch. With its appearance the band`s sound was more " metallic ", although punk head and simplicity at the same time preserved.

In 1988, "L7" signed a contract with the label "Epitaph" and the same year it was released self-titled debut album. For the drum kit at the sessions of the disc sat drummer "Bad religion" Roy Kautsky. During the subsequent tour in conjunction with the composition of this team, " the L7 " added drummer Demeter " Dee " Plakas.

At this time, interest in the female punk collective showed a cult label "Sub pop", which came second album, "Smell the magic".The song "Shove", published by the single became the anthem of the students at that time.

L7V the same girls in 1990 founded the non-profit organization "Rock for choice", organizes concerts to raise funds in support of the civil rights movement. In these performances was attended by many well-known groups such as "Pearl jam","Nirvana", "Hole", "Mudhoney" and others. In the wake of grunge turned out to be very successful third album "L7", "Bricks are heavy", recorded with producer Butch Vig (who also worked on nirvanovskim "Nevermind") and published by the label "Slash / Reprise". Especially popular song "Pretend We`re Dead",which spun on the radio on both sides of the Atlantic.

1992-1993 years, the group held a regular tour. "L7" traveled through North and South America, visited in Europe, Japan and Australia. In concert, the girls behaved without any complexes. So at the festival in Reading Sparks, angry at the fact that the stage flew empty bottles ,She pulled out her pad and threw it into the audience. On another occasion, the crowd flew shorts guitarist.

L7Sleduyuschy album, "Hungry for Stink", unlike his predecessor had failed, despite the successful performance "L7" at the next festival "Lollapalooza". In 1997 nachalisraznoglasiya group, which resulted in left Jennifer FinchAnd later participated in the project "Lyme" and "Other star people". She was adopted to replace Greta Brinkman, who took part in the recording of the album "The beauty process". However, after the release of the disc, it also left the band, and for basuhu took Gail Greenwood (ex- "Belly").The year 1997 was marked by a joint tour with Marilyn Manson in support of his new album. In 1998, the team appeared in the film former bassist "Nirvana" Krista Novoselic "The Beauty Process". In 1999, the composition of the "L7" was reduced to a trio, and the album "Slap Happy" was recorded without a bass player.

However, soon the team again became a quartet ,. Because already there was a new member Janice Tanaka (ex- "Auntie Christ" and "Stone fox" in the European tour of 2000 in a group in the same year was released 12 -track collection of the best things "Best of L7: The Slash Years".

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